Over The Moon!

I am honestly jumping for joy this morning.
I applied to illustrate a talented young Lucy Fenwick's new book. After a couple emails & showing samples of my work on here (See previous post). I am pleased to say I am illustrating her new book. I am over the moon! Its not the first time I have had this chance, its actually my second.

Now for my 'Past Week Thang' :

 On Monday - I did work with mum & created some hama bead or 'pixel art' for my business 'The Stitched Bluebird'. People having been taking an interest in my Jewerly more then my felt~y stuff but that's ok because I am learning about feedback & what people want :)

On Tuesday - I went Arts Award & completed a letter about my photography and too hopefully work with a more experienced artist.

On Wesenday - What can I say 'Utterly Soggy' should narrow down everything xD

On Thursday - I did some work with mum & worked on 'pixel art'

On Friday - Woke up to the most painful neck. I received my new charms I ordered :) hopefully doing a giveaway soon :)

And that's it for now x