Script Reading

Well that sort of worked followed by a fab sister row. I am getting better I think at understanding characters.

I am so tired because I couldn't sleep till 3am! It had nothing to do with watching Casualty at 2am! hahaha oh dear it might been.

So I am getting a little nervous about Thursday & I don't know why because its my 20 something play I have ever done. Maybe it's because it's in a university...

I am having fun at my new group just one thing though. I am missing a old friends from my old drama group (RYSC). This time last year we were getting ready for the Christmas show & all the teens would just laugh & mess about in break. I think that's what I miss quite a bit having girly giggles & stuff.

I remember putting on the most high pitched American accent and my friend who was American would cringe from my cheesy accent! Haha good times.

.Quick question to anyone on facebook. Anybody having trouble posting? :L meh probably a glitch...