Addictions to the Social Medias

So I super for not blogging, I have quite literally changed... After watching a YouTuber, Amazing Phil (my friend had recommended) I decided to check him out at midnight. Yeah, probably not the best time to watch videos since I had to be up following morning bright & early! Well the video was called 'Animal Crossing Has Ruined My Life' - you'll get my point soon!
I joined Facebook to increase views on my artwork and I literally become addicted to the blooming site. Not like spending one hour on it, oh no, more like download the app & checking it each morning & night. And using it on the computer too :/ urgh. I like the app because I can see old friends & keep touch. But its taking over my life as blogger which is terrible because so far this blog has gone round several countries around the world!

So I am considering to deleting the Facebook on my phone & checking it for half an hour at the most on my computer.

So my new things of being a fangirl of is *drumroll*, The History Boys! Yep. The History Boys is set in the 1980s, a bunch of boys from a school are encouraged to go to Cambridge or Oxford University because their A levels are high standard. There are some minor swear words such as 'f*ck'. But honestly the swear words aside it is really fantastic. My favourite actor who I am now completely obessing about is Stephen Campbell Moore or as my mum says " Your just full of hormones.." She might be right, whenever I see a picture of him I go fuzzy & funny... OH NOT LIKE THAT!