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New Year, so close!

To my dear viewers, Thank you for reading my possible rants, my downs & my pure happy moments! You will realise reading this blog, I am not like any normal teenager!

So as we reach into the last mintues of 2014, I am beyond please! I am more than please, I am over the moon! This year has had some awful downs, losing my dog was the worst! I want to wish you all Happy New Year and may you have a good one!

For those who have come up resolutions, well done but for the can't be arsed, nice one! ;)


New Year of a New Life!

Well next year is going to be something. You're probably saying "Yeah you keep saying that but what the heck is making have a new life?!" Well all I can say is... Education & Media. It is a massive clue but its to your imgination to what that big clue gives!

What are you doing for the new year? Are you making it into a new life or just sticking to the same you? Leave your news in the comments, remember I love reading your comments! x

Novels & constant fallen head in over heels... again!

Well here I am, don't worry I'm not dead... well I thought I had died after being surround by a load of Roses & Quailty Streets! But I am honestly fine *fangirl heart attack* *gasps* apart from I have fallen head over in heels with another two or possibly three amazing actors. oh lordy!!

Well the three actors I fallen for are the main characters from the Christmas hit show, 'Death Comes to Pemberley' I honestly can't stop searching them into google!

So the actors are Matthew Rhys who played Darcy, Matthew Goode played the charming Mr Wickham and there was another but I am struggling to think what his name is. Now the program was mostly filmed in Yorkshire and stunning Derbyshire! Chatsworth to be precise just a few miles from quiet and sweet Bakewell where I visit at least at once a year.

I quickly want to say thank you for near 4000 views! I am so close its amazing! I hope you guys have had a good and chocolate filled Christmas! x

Merry Christmas

I just quickly wanted to say Merry Christmas to you guys, hope you get everything you have wanted! But if you don't eat chocolate till you puke!


Charlie Peace - Review by Lucy Wakefield

I attended a performance called Charlie Peace: His Amazing Life and Astounding Legend at the Nottingham Playhouse on Monday 7th October 2013.

It tells the story of a Victorian criminal who lived in Nottingham’s Narrow Marsh for a time. He was known so well he was described as a celebrity villain & regularly changed his appearance to escape the police!
Peter Duncan played the notorious Charlie Peace and Norman Pace played the humorous showman. It featured various art forms including drama, music & graphic art by artist, Eddie Campbell.
I attended this event because the connection with local history interested me. Also, I was lucky enough to be offered discounted tickets via my drama group (Junkshop Theatre Company).
I liked the set design, which changed multiple times from a circus-like tent to different houses, to a train, a courtroom and finally to the gallows. Each time the set changed, graphic art was used including the characters’ faces on spinning coin projections.
I also enjo…

Richard III - Review By Lucy Wakefield

On the 28th October, I saw a performance of Richard III at the Nottingham Playhouse.

The play had a contemporary atmosphere which was achieved by the use of costumes (suits for the men, evening dresses for the women and modern army uniforms during the final battle scene) and music (Disco). Despite this, they still used original Shakespearean text.
The play tells the story of Richard III’s rise to power destroying anyone who stood in his way.The actor (Ian Bartholomew) who played the lead role, King Richard III enticed the audience into his twisted mind. In some scenes he flipped between emotions from paranoia to murderous to remorseful/depressed after having another character killed. Bartholomew’s portrayal was charming and occasionally funny and left me unsure whether I should like him or not.
The artforms involved were theatre, dark comedy, drama, visual and sound effects.
I chose to see this performance because I love Shakespeare and I had not seen this play before.
I adored the costum…

Light the skys! - Part Two of Night Photography

The photos you see below are taken by me using a Canon PowerShot x50 IS on AV 15". I have had no experience in this area & have self taught myself to take photos. I would however like to thank Izzie Shier's dad showing me how to use the AV setting during a small matter of time at Arts Award! The following photos are lights on buildings & lampposts on high LCD bulbs. enjoy x

' *+.+* ' *+. Night Photography .+* ' *+.+* '

Night photography is a particular favourite medium I love to use when I am on my way home on either a fast train to walking next to a busy main road. I will say it's addictive! If you do try it wrap warm & have a good camera like mine that can slow but still focus on fast approaching objects. I used my Canon PowerShot x50 IS camera which has a setting that can be edited. These were taken on  'AV' setting on number  15".  I will do a video soon! In the mean time enjoy x

The Boy Next Door

So this is the draft for Lucy Fenwick :) I managed to finish the cover just tonight! please do a massive favour & like her facebook page : She is super talented & I am so thrilled to be her illustrator. So go & like the page!

Kanji's & Traditional Japanese Art

So, todays the last Art Class (Still Life & Culture Around the World). I am only staying for one because I need to meet my mum. I know the pictures are dark, I will try & scan them & make them slightly brighter.

Pixel Art

I spend alot of time doing Pixel Art using hama beads. I thought I would show you a few that are being turned into Coasters & some into Pendants. Ignore the bad design in background! Thier my PJ's xD

Nero Caffe - A bitter taste of customer service

This is for Nero caffé on Carrington St which occurred at 5:05PM on 15th of December.

I was ordering a lovely warm hot chocolate to soothe my throat which has left me In pain for sometime. I queued & waited. Later a staff member said a till was open to be served. I queued & waited.

I was served by female barista with light blonde hair up in a bun & she look like she was in her late teens early twenties. "Can I hav-..." She stopped me & told me to move out the way & smirked horribly.

I was humiliated, I died inside and I wanted to burst into tears, my throat wasn't helping either. My throat continued to feel like stabbing pains & leaving my voice shaken.

 I am posting this so she knows that disgusting customer service like that shouldn't be tolerated! I am sending another complaint email AND I wouldn't recommend anybody else using the caffe either!

Social Network Challenge: Day 1 - No Desires

So today is the first day of the social network challenge. This is a challenge to prove to family, friends & the online world how addictive social networks can be. You will see on this blog as I monitor how I feel, how I could find something new such as a hobby & so much more! so lets go.

Name: Lucy

Age: 17

Challenge: Social Network Challenge

Emotion: Postive

Time of Day: Morning 11:00AM

Comment: I have so far had no desires for any social network. However all could change, If I do get the desire to use anything which could count as procrastination I am going to try do something like rehearsing a script, sketching, baking or go out for a walk.

Social Network challenge

Right that's it & I officially pulling rank. I giving up social networks for one week! That includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and every other network!

I will never give up Blogger because its not a social network (I know how brillo is that?!). And I won't been using any apps on my phone either! I will only using my phone as a normal phone translation? Brick Phone that can only ring & text.

If you want to join me hashtag #SocialNetworkChallenge , keep a diary for one week & see how long you can go without using the social networks. My friends think I can't do it but, I gonna try & prove them wrong!

After one week post your diary saying why you found it hard/easy.

Good Luck & Lets go!

Please pass this on, I am starting tomorrow morning at 9.00AM!


This week has been insane, seriously! I have been doing homework, starting English Level 1 course* & so much more.

Monday - I was Ill & couldn't attend class :(

Tuesday - Started English Level 1 Course & attended a college open evening.

Wesenday - I finish Lesson 1 English Spelling & get exciting news!

Thursday - I go to Matlock for the whole day.

Friday - me & sis test ourselves on lines.

Saturday - I have lazy day.

Sunday - I go to drama.

bit busy but things are gonna get manic next year! :D

Christmas spirt is leaping in!

So with Christmas pretty much running towards & panic comes rushing in saying "Presents! You need to buy presents!". I have bought presents but just need to buy cards, I don't want anything tacky just something that would give the essence of Christmas & family. If you get my drift.

I am quite looking forward to the year & I am planning to make it a fresh new year. Which has already begun as I have had 4inchs of my beautiful long near bottom hair chopped off. Its now just end of shoulder blades long. I will admit I cried, because it took 5 years of regrowing it. But I only began to reliase, I need it shorter because it would make things just a little easier & also, my hair is far waver than I actually thought. all this time complaining about long straight hair & it turns out to be unbelievably wavy!

Excuse any spelling mistakes, its nearly 1 am & I am multi-tasking watching 'Julie&Julia' & blogging for you guys.

I am making a vow t…

Swing sweet childhood

This is my one of my pride & joys also my escape to a new world. My swing, I built aged 10 using a tyre rope & a washing pole. The wood? From a dismantled bird feeder stand. I love this swing to pieces & sad to say, I am far to big for it now. Seven long years enjoying & laughing.


We're always told to smile & who can blame them, who wants a glume photo of a sulky kid. Through out my childhood I hated having my photo taken, but I reliased, will I regret it? One day we'll cringe but there memories which are there for a reason. What I am trying to say is just capture one thing, develop the beautiful postives & delete the negatives. Life may not be in colour but its still amazing, no matter how dark. Smile!

Facts - Sk8re Girl

Believe it or not, I use to skateboard. I was 12 and stopped when I was 14years old. I attempted not long ago & lets say I failed. Fell over on my backside xD

Let's Light the Skys!

It's here, the sky will be lit with Christmas lights. Gonna stay far away from the 'Santa' just find him an absolute creep. I only 'believe' to enhance the magic xD let's face it, we reach the stage where its your parent probably dressed as santa and leaves a thank you note. Sorry if I ruined magic for some! But I do believe in fairies, we all have something we believe in.

When I was 8 I used to believe toys came to life when I was away or out of my bedroom and would peep to see, and I believed that for years.

Actually why am I telling you these things? O.o

Things I thought I would never do!

Though I am 17, I thought I would tell you the things I have done through the life of being a teenager.

Editor of children's magazine - The Monthly Mail - 2008 to 2012 - I would edit articles, often write up reviews & I illustrated the header each month.

Radio Presenter - Blue Mondays & Butterflys are 3 - 2012 - I presented Blue Mondays with my sister for a few days & presented on Butterflys are 3 for a week I think with my sister & a friend which went on YMCA radio.

Illustrator - 'The Boy Nextdoor' by Lucy Fenwick - 2013

I will probably update this post soon when I have remembered the other things xD


Adventful year ahead!

No 'Adventful' isn't a typo :P but quite literally next year is going to be insane! I thought new year, perfect to start a new life normally that means redecorate your room. Nope I am quite literally going to zooming around the place. so been a while telling you what my week is really, so here goes!:

Monday - Art Class in the Morning followed by structured work with mum & script learning in the evening.

Tuesday - Structured work in the morning, script learning in the afternoon & Arts Award in the evening.

Wesenday - Shopping, script learning in the afternoon & self teaching/learning hobbie. Evening Christmas light switch on.

Thursday - Matlock for the whole day & script learning on way there and back and in the evenings too.

Friday - Jumble sale at the church (ooh love a good bargain!), Possible structured work, script reading & rest.

Saturday - Script learning.

Sunday - Cousins comeover & drama through out the whole day from noon.

Soo bit of a bus…


After waking up & having only 40mintues to catch the bus to go to art class, I got home at 2pm. I went upstairs to greet my mum & there it was, the parcel I have been awaiting for sooo long! It's a Basic Level 2 English distant learning course equal to GCSE. Really happy as I can take time, though 25 lessons but hey! It's 7hrs a week but that's not bad.

Did you know children are told not to take GCSE's (Exams) under the age of 17? And the most you are aloud to take is 4 GCSE's at a time. Apparently its a health issue which is always casted away by schools & college's. How sickening is that?

On the issue of schooling vs home schooling, I would like to know out of 100% how many children & teens are bullied? And if its high time the education system, health & mental act took it seriously!

Email your views at


The Boy Next Door - Lucy Fenwick

The fabulous Lucy Fenwick gave a live google hangout today. Just to quickly say thank you to Lucy for giving me a shoutout! I sadly couldn't join as I was busy at drama. But I hope to join in future.

Anyway I recommend you watch, sub & give a big thumbs up you guys!