Adventful year ahead!

No 'Adventful' isn't a typo :P but quite literally next year is going to be insane! I thought new year, perfect to start a new life normally that means redecorate your room. Nope I am quite literally going to zooming around the place. so been a while telling you what my week is really, so here goes!:

Monday - Art Class in the Morning followed by structured work with mum & script learning in the evening.

Tuesday - Structured work in the morning, script learning in the afternoon & Arts Award in the evening.

Wesenday - Shopping, script learning in the afternoon & self teaching/learning hobbie. Evening Christmas light switch on.

Thursday - Matlock for the whole day & script learning on way there and back and in the evenings too.

Friday - Jumble sale at the church (ooh love a good bargain!), Possible structured work, script reading & rest.

Saturday - Script learning.

Sunday - Cousins comeover & drama through out the whole day from noon.

Soo bit of a busy week, though I am look for more classes :) x