Christmas spirt is leaping in!

So with Christmas pretty much running towards & panic comes rushing in saying "Presents! You need to buy presents!". I have bought presents but just need to buy cards, I don't want anything tacky just something that would give the essence of Christmas & family. If you get my drift.

I am quite looking forward to the year & I am planning to make it a fresh new year. Which has already begun as I have had 4inchs of my beautiful long near bottom hair chopped off. Its now just end of shoulder blades long. I will admit I cried, because it took 5 years of regrowing it. But I only began to reliase, I need it shorter because it would make things just a little easier & also, my hair is far waver than I actually thought. all this time complaining about long straight hair & it turns out to be unbelievably wavy!

Excuse any spelling mistakes, its nearly 1 am & I am multi-tasking watching 'Julie&Julia' & blogging for you guys.

I am making a vow to you all now, you ready?! I vow to blog as much as possible! AND honestly writing this blog has become my life of teenage devotion, I wouldn't have written without you guys reading about my life, my moans & occasionally my crushes for someone, okay a lot of crushes! But one thing to say to you guys is thanks.

see you tomorrow x