Nero Caffe - A bitter taste of customer service

This is for Nero caffé on Carrington St which occurred at 5:05PM on 15th of December.

I was ordering a lovely warm hot chocolate to soothe my throat which has left me In pain for sometime. I queued & waited. Later a staff member said a till was open to be served. I queued & waited.

I was served by female barista with light blonde hair up in a bun & she look like she was in her late teens early twenties. "Can I hav-..." She stopped me & told me to move out the way & smirked horribly.

I was humiliated, I died inside and I wanted to burst into tears, my throat wasn't helping either. My throat continued to feel like stabbing pains & leaving my voice shaken.

 I am posting this so she knows that disgusting customer service like that shouldn't be tolerated! I am sending another complaint email AND I wouldn't recommend anybody else using the caffe either!