Novels & constant fallen head in over heels... again!

Well here I am, don't worry I'm not dead... well I thought I had died after being surround by a load of Roses & Quailty Streets! But I am honestly fine *fangirl heart attack* *gasps* apart from I have fallen head over in heels with another two or possibly three amazing actors. oh lordy!!

Well the three actors I fallen for are the main characters from the Christmas hit show, 'Death Comes to Pemberley' I honestly can't stop searching them into google!

So the actors are Matthew Rhys who played Darcy, Matthew Goode played the charming Mr Wickham and there was another but I am struggling to think what his name is. Now the program was mostly filmed in Yorkshire and stunning Derbyshire! Chatsworth to be precise just a few miles from quiet and sweet Bakewell where I visit at least at once a year.

I quickly want to say thank you for near 4000 views! I am so close its amazing! I hope you guys have had a good and chocolate filled Christmas! x