After waking up & having only 40mintues to catch the bus to go to art class, I got home at 2pm. I went upstairs to greet my mum & there it was, the parcel I have been awaiting for sooo long! It's a Basic Level 2 English distant learning course equal to GCSE. Really happy as I can take time, though 25 lessons but hey! It's 7hrs a week but that's not bad.

Did you know children are told not to take GCSE's (Exams) under the age of 17? And the most you are aloud to take is 4 GCSE's at a time. Apparently its a health issue which is always casted away by schools & college's. How sickening is that?

On the issue of schooling vs home schooling, I would like to know out of 100% how many children & teens are bullied? And if its high time the education system, health & mental act took it seriously!

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