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A Letter & friendship wrapped around the world...

I am really enjoying writing to people in other countries. Yesterday I received a letter from Indonesia with some super cute little gifts :)

I got two gorgeous and totally kawaii bookmarks, a cute keychain, some coffee (yum!) & some little self-address stickers. People call these swaps or to fans of anime & all things cute, Kawaii Trades. Very popular, more popular than 'scoobies'.

I have still quite a few letters to finish writing! But to my penpals some letters are outgoing next week! I am just watching how much the airmail postage costs are going up. Because to everyone in England knows how much a blooming stamp costs, quite a bit *laughs and sighs*

So to my penpals, thank you for my letters & soon they will be outgoing mail. x

Blogging, Blogging....

Hey guys, sorry for no posts recently! I have been pretty much doing Home Work central. I thought to myself to maybe try and blog in the mornings because sometimes I don't get time to tell you lot what I have been up to!

So a week ago I bought the box set of Brothers & Sisters, and oh my god its so good. I find my self occiansionally watching it at midnight and wondering why I have panda eyes!

I have been none stop going through my script throughout this week. Its not that I don't know my lines its, doubt. I have this weeks before a performance where my brain says "You actually don't know these lines, do you?" and I will end up going through it, making funny accents & reading it like a book so my brain knows I am familiar with it & knows it.

Sorry I haven't done any tutiorals yet, I am working hard on my Arts Award.

I have the android blogging app back on my phone, yay! It means I can defiantly start blogging again on the go. It might just be s…

Queen of Procrastination!

Morning all! oh wait or is Afternoon, well to the 'not a morning person' Morn-noon.

So today's plans! I will probably do some art, test myself on my lines & maybe do some other work~y things... or procrastinate as much as possible! Apparently I'm good at that...

So on the news about sleep, I got off to sleep at around 1:30am... It's getting better, because a couple nights ago I had a bit of panic attack for not getting to sleep at 4:00am. I will admit the hanging scene in Death Comes to Pemerbley might have freaked me out a little! But not so much I would hide behind the sofa! *laughs*

I bid you guys adiu for this afternoon, because I have some stuff to do! x

Opening Doors to Your Memory

So this morning & afternoon I have pretty much been listening to My Chemical Romance and sticking my best sketches I have done in the 'BIG SKETCHBOOK'. So far it PVC city on my desk! *ewww sticky*

I can tell you at the moment I keep finding skin looking like tissue on my desk, but its just glue... wonder if it would work like as fake snake skin? hmmm *prank headlight on*

A Firework of Art

So, I have started to find every piece of art I have ever done. I was given a big sketchbook for Christmas & honestly it is big! I have started decorating it & soon I am going to stick pretty much the good art I have done over the years :) I am organising my art into probably sections of media some might be acting to watercolours, acrylics to pen sketches.

I love art, you guys probably know after all I have told & shown you many times on this blog! And you guys have given such wonderful responses via the following:


Instagram - lucywakefieldx & shes_a_sketcher

Twitter - lucywakefieldx



Honestly your comments & responses mean the world to me about art. Creating this blog has been the best thing and to the young person who asked is blogging a commitment, not at all! I love it enough to post when I need or should do. I recommend that you have a blogging app avabile when you need it. I use mine to document journeys which has now become something …

App Review - PicsArt Photo Studio

App : PicsArt Photo StudioPrice : Free*Store : Apple Store & Google Play StoreRating : 4/5 StarsThe app has great filter functions, clipart & frames but it was a hidden social network within the app to share photos. *Although you can purchase within the app, there are similar purchasable things you can get for free. I found this app very easy to handle but occasionally frustrating when it decided there was no network for 5mintues! However, the quality to share via another network was great, even adding an Instagram filter didn't badly effect the photo in anyway! Normally apps where you can adapt a photo & share can often give a nasty grainy effect which leaves the impression your bad at photo editing (And lets face, it can leave you a little embarrassed!).Below you'll find an example you can do. The app offers free make your own Facebook cover to small grid style polaroid. I would recommend the app for its professional look & easy to use service!

City Life... Still Christmas?

It's still Christmas in the city & people kept saying Christmas is next weekend. Have I been in a coma for a year or has everyone gone nuts? I am honestly baffled by the shopping, yeah okay its great to get the odd bargain but pushing & going absoulute mad, well I have to say... "It's game on, Bao-itch!"

That probably made no sense but I am honestly so tired from being in town for a couple hours. The bus broke down at the station & oh yeah, I were a sitting duck for half an hour.

SO what was I going todo in town? Why buy season 1 of Brothers & Sisters... but it was out of price range... urgh....*sighs* why it has to so blooming expensive no idea!
I got enough money for it with my Christmas money but, I think I just don't want to pay £22 for one season (seires) when I could possibly get the box set for £30- £40. Never shop at HMV, they just over price things! *laughs & sighs* But its true!

Walking & Photography

This is possibly the latest post of photography I have done. These were taken in October  2013. I should mention all my photography is experiments & self teaching. These were taken on a walk past a church in Matlock, Derbyshire.

Cover Wall

So, you guys probably know just how much I adore art (And of course perform arts). My wall used to be an absolute clutter of art, sketches, madness, posters oh yeah you guessed just pure clutter. My wall is now narrowed down to two poster of horses. I am so tired, you can tell, I bloody posting about a wall! I really should sleep... x

Waking up to the smell of a cup of joe...

So I woke feeling crap.... yep you guessed, sleepless nights. I am not sure its do to with the nasty weather. The wind & rain were hitting the window quite hard again and suddenly it stopped followed by none stop tweeting & singing from the birds. As much as I like nature. I also love achieve a bloody good night sleep.

I tried painting this afternoon. I ended up paint like I was 5, just learning how to mix colours.


Staying positive is the main new year resolution, so far its going not to bad but maybe mother nature if you can hear me, turn down wind & rain just this once! I AM SO GODDAMN TIRED... so tired, I don't think this post made any sense.... it was worth a try. For today I bid you guys adiu & I am so hitting the snooze button! night! x

The sounds of a broken string...

Well, that's another job to add to the list! Bobbie my guitar has sadly snapped yet another string :'( I was hoping to learn some songs because that was one of my news years resolutions and sadly the string snapped during retune. I have had the guitar for years & had the odd play on it but I am determined to actually play it!

I don't know why I called her Bobbie, perhaps because I used to think of the waves of the oceans! I don't know maybe its just a name that was somewhat 'given'.


My name Toluna...

So after one month of joining a site of what I would have thought was a scam, its really not. Its called Toluna I think. They send you surveys and in return of giving your voice and opinions  you get points. It's more like Swap it the old site that was used by children from the age of 10 upto 18. Although I have been a member for a  short time, I have admit its not bad! The points you get can go towards vouchers such as John Lewis or online shops e.g Amazon.

I am saving up for an Amazon card thingy so I don't have to spend the cash to get it, when I can wait & give opinions for free & earn it... yeah slowly & steadily but you do get it in the end.... apparently.

Anyone over the age of 13 can join. But if your under 18, the prize such as the vouchers or cash have to be signed as to the parent. Its a parent & guardian thing, which is sensible.

I do recommend you join but I also recommend you go through the guidelines with somebody. Yeah I do sound painfully like …

Dear Insomnia

Thanks insomnia for a fantastic night,
No sleep, gee, what a delight,
I try to sleep without a light,
But the dark is such a fright!
With monsters height as big as BIG BEN,
I shall duck in my den,
For one day, you insomnia will be in a pen,
And I might call you Len.

Insomnia, something I can't budge. I had 5 hours sleep, new record I am sure! Maybe tonight I will have a much better night sleep or maybe not!


DIY's - possible!

I have decided I will soon be doing DIY's, from necklaces to drawings. I might try and sort one out for next week starting with probably drawings, something easy to help build either your creativity or just to build your techniques.

I will also be demonstrating painting tips :) Art is something I am seriously close too but Acting is something so special but I don't think that will fit in the DIY section *laughs*.

Thank you so much for getting me to 4K, You have made a young person so happy! x

Prepare for a Fangirl Riot!

Dear Parents, prepare for your hormonal daughters & sons may go slightly 'mad'. If you hear a quote: Sherlock, If the dress differently: Sherlock, If there voice changes: Sherlock. And a particular easy one to spot, If your internet history changes to full on tumblr: Sherlock.

I have been wait for series 3 since the age of 15-16years old I am nearly 18! I first started watching the seires in 2010, I feel quite old & wise!

Dear Fangirls, couple facts you should know, I knew Sherlock used squash ball back in 2012 after a twitter/youtube conversation with another fan! I visited St. Barts (the set where Sherlock 'faked' his death) in March & I had a mother frigging heart attack, I went so white I looked like I was going to pass out!

And my personal favourite and a favour I must ask you, Back in 2011/2012 I took my Bronze Arts Award and in Part C I did Benedict Cumberbatch as my Hero and I remember being told it would be passed onto him & would hopefully g…

Editing App Review

App : InstaEyes Price : Free Store : Apple Store & Google Play Rating : 4/5 stars InstaEyes is a photography edit app allowing the user to take or choose a photo and making the eyes look like they are being transformed from human to animal eyes. They offer a variety of eyes to use from a cat to a tiger! Its easy to share your finished picture to social networks.

Light Photography - 3rd Attempt

I am still practising quite hard on light photography. I hope you enjoy my 3rd attempt of light photography x

First Day & Feeling fine!

Hello! Hope everyone didn't get tipsy last night, well I sort of got tipsy on a few Roses & quality Streets but to the people on the street last night at 3am, I know it's New Year but could you keep the volume down a tad?

~Feel my way through the dark, guided by a beating heart. I can't tell when the journey will end but I know where it will start!~ Avicii - Wake Me Up

Can I say to you guys, I am so close to 4K the anticipation is killing me! I am just at 3,918 views and you guys did it by getting me 4th result on Google for a few hours I am so gratefully. I just hope BlogSpot notice what I do, because I use this ,to record so much. Photos to come soon I promise!

Now I am going to bid you guys adieu because I am afraid I might coming down with a cold & I need some rest. Thank you again & look forward to hopefully blogging again tonight ;) x