A Firework of Art

So, I have started to find every piece of art I have ever done. I was given a big sketchbook for Christmas & honestly it is big! I have started decorating it & soon I am going to stick pretty much the good art I have done over the years :) I am organising my art into probably sections of media some might be acting to watercolours, acrylics to pen sketches.

I love art, you guys probably know after all I have told & shown you many times on this blog! And you guys have given such wonderful responses via the following:


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Twitter - lucywakefieldx



Honestly your comments & responses mean the world to me about art. Creating this blog has been the best thing and to the young person who asked is blogging a commitment, not at all! I love it enough to post when I need or should do. I recommend that you have a blogging app avabile when you need it. I use mine to document journeys which has now become something I do a lot but I don't always publish them, because some are just my thoughts :) I hope that's answerd your question!

Quick question for you lot, should I start using more emojis & smiley faces or do you find it distracting? Leave you thoughts in the comment box below.

Oh yeah, quick reminder! Don't forget to take your tree down! xD