App Review - PicsArt Photo Studio

App : PicsArt Photo Studio

Price : Free*

Store : Apple Store & Google Play Store

Rating : 4/5 Stars

The app has great filter functions, clipart & frames but it was a hidden social network within the app to share photos. *Although you can purchase within the app, there are similar purchasable things you can get for free.

I found this app very easy to handle but occasionally frustrating when it decided there was no network for 5mintues! However, the quality to share via another network was great, even adding an Instagram filter didn't badly effect the photo in anyway! Normally apps where you can adapt a photo & share can often give a nasty grainy effect which leaves the impression your bad at photo editing (And lets face, it can leave you a little embarrassed!).

Below you'll find an example you can do. The app offers free make your own Facebook cover to small grid style polaroid.

I would recommend the app for its professional look & easy to use service!