Blogging, Blogging....

Hey guys, sorry for no posts recently! I have been pretty much doing Home Work central. I thought to myself to maybe try and blog in the mornings because sometimes I don't get time to tell you lot what I have been up to!

So a week ago I bought the box set of Brothers & Sisters, and oh my god its so good. I find my self occiansionally watching it at midnight and wondering why I have panda eyes!

I have been none stop going through my script throughout this week. Its not that I don't know my lines its, doubt. I have this weeks before a performance where my brain says "You actually don't know these lines, do you?" and I will end up going through it, making funny accents & reading it like a book so my brain knows I am familiar with it & knows it.

Sorry I haven't done any tutiorals yet, I am working hard on my Arts Award.

I have the android blogging app back on my phone, yay! It means I can defiantly start blogging again on the go. It might just be some pictures but I think you guys will like it whatever I post! xD