City Life... Still Christmas?

It's still Christmas in the city & people kept saying Christmas is next weekend. Have I been in a coma for a year or has everyone gone nuts? I am honestly baffled by the shopping, yeah okay its great to get the odd bargain but pushing & going absoulute mad, well I have to say... "It's game on, Bao-itch!"

That probably made no sense but I am honestly so tired from being in town for a couple hours. The bus broke down at the station & oh yeah, I were a sitting duck for half an hour.

SO what was I going todo in town? Why buy season 1 of Brothers & Sisters... but it was out of price range... urgh....*sighs* why it has to so blooming expensive no idea!
I got enough money for it with my Christmas money but, I think I just don't want to pay £22 for one season (seires) when I could possibly get the box set for £30- £40. Never shop at HMV, they just over price things! *laughs & sighs* But its true!