First Day & Feeling fine!

Hello! Hope everyone didn't get tipsy last night, well I sort of got tipsy on a few Roses & quality Streets but to the people on the street last night at 3am, I know it's New Year but could you keep the volume down a tad?

~Feel my way through the dark, guided by a beating heart. I can't tell when the journey will end but I know where it will start!~ Avicii - Wake Me Up

Can I say to you guys, I am so close to 4K the anticipation is killing me! I am just at 3,918 views and you guys did it by getting me 4th result on Google for a few hours I am so gratefully. I just hope BlogSpot notice what I do, because I use this ,to record so much. Photos to come soon I promise!

Now I am going to bid you guys adieu because I am afraid I might coming down with a cold & I need some rest. Thank you again & look forward to hopefully blogging again tonight ;) x