My name Toluna...

So after one month of joining a site of what I would have thought was a scam, its really not. Its called Toluna I think. They send you surveys and in return of giving your voice and opinions  you get points. It's more like Swap it the old site that was used by children from the age of 10 upto 18. Although I have been a member for a  short time, I have admit its not bad! The points you get can go towards vouchers such as John Lewis or online shops e.g Amazon.

I am saving up for an Amazon card thingy so I don't have to spend the cash to get it, when I can wait & give opinions for free & earn it... yeah slowly & steadily but you do get it in the end.... apparently.

Anyone over the age of 13 can join. But if your under 18, the prize such as the vouchers or cash have to be signed as to the parent. Its a parent & guardian thing, which is sensible.

I do recommend you join but I also recommend you go through the guidelines with somebody. Yeah I do sound painfully like a strict parent but you never know whats hiding when you sign for something. I think the site is perfectly safe but just to assure your parent/guardian I recommend you go through terms & conditions before you put your name down!

I hope my post made sense *laughs*