Prepare for a Fangirl Riot!

Dear Parents, prepare for your hormonal daughters & sons may go slightly 'mad'. If you hear a quote: Sherlock, If the dress differently: Sherlock, If there voice changes: Sherlock. And a particular easy one to spot, If your internet history changes to full on tumblr: Sherlock.

I have been wait for series 3 since the age of 15-16years old I am nearly 18! I first started watching the seires in 2010, I feel quite old & wise!

Dear Fangirls, couple facts you should know, I knew Sherlock used squash ball back in 2012 after a twitter/youtube conversation with another fan! I visited St. Barts (the set where Sherlock 'faked' his death) in March & I had a mother frigging heart attack, I went so white I looked like I was going to pass out!

And my personal favourite and a favour I must ask you, Back in 2011/2012 I took my Bronze Arts Award and in Part C I did Benedict Cumberbatch as my Hero and I remember being told it would be passed onto him & would hopefully get back in touch and tell me what he thought of why he was my hero. I have been waiting years now & I am still dying to know how he thought it was.

I must flee, before I am captured and turned into an even worse fangirl! *types dementedly on tumblr*
#Sherlock <3