Waking up to the smell of a cup of joe...

So I woke feeling crap.... yep you guessed, sleepless nights. I am not sure its do to with the nasty weather. The wind & rain were hitting the window quite hard again and suddenly it stopped followed by none stop tweeting & singing from the birds. As much as I like nature. I also love achieve a bloody good night sleep.

I tried painting this afternoon. I ended up paint like I was 5, just learning how to mix colours.


Staying positive is the main new year resolution, so far its going not to bad but maybe mother nature if you can hear me, turn down wind & rain just this once! I AM SO GODDAMN TIRED... so tired, I don't think this post made any sense.... it was worth a try. For today I bid you guys adiu & I am so hitting the snooze button! night! x