I'd never leave you...

Hello strangers! I'm sure wondering where the heck I was, well I'm fine. Thank you so much for not abandoning this faithful blog!

Bet you want to know the reason why I haven't had time to blog? Well, I have just finished performances for Angels & waiting to find out if we go to NTConnections. I played ensemble during most shows & Gabby in two performances. It was a great experience (blog post to come about my two days in Northampton for NTConnections festival) and it's given me a great bigger incite to life in theatre. I probably would do it again but I would hope I'd get to play a main part for longer.

And also guys *drum rolls & gets Louis Armstrong to blow his trumpet*

Me: "Nice one man, adds the extra Jazz!"
Louis Armstrong: "No problem." *walks away playing his trumpet into the sunset*

As I was saying I am getting ready to apply for college! I know all very exciting. I went to an open day in December, applied for a taster day, they got back within the week & I got to go for two amazing taster days, made friends & now, I am getting ready to apply for September for Art & Design to pursue my career in Jewellery Making! :3

I promise there will be more posts soon! x