Keeping It Quirky!

  Waking up early on a Saturday is mostly dreading, but for the past few months, I've been waking up at 7am to take weekly trips to Matlock. I had a wonderful idea for a new project, I've been banging on how I want to re-do my room so there's nothing distracting, and making it feel a little grown up but still my style. I went into Matlock and bought a vintage lampshade (which can be extended too to suit any lamp). I designed it to be simple (carefully arranged so it couldn't hit the bulb)and  have colour but still a sophisticated look. 

The frame cost me £2, I had to rip the material of it, repair the wire and I even had to fill the bath tub with hot water to get rid of any germs. Yes, it was really that grubby! After two hours soaking, I began threading pom-poms. This only took 1hour, and it was a nice and easy diy. I was proud of myself creating something so quirky yet grown up for my room!                                                              

Finished project