Living a Teens Life Online

I've noticed I've been pretty much been living my life online. I don't know if this is part of being a teenager phase. I mean I don't spend every bloody waking minute online, but I have noticed I am adding like an extra hour without realising so!

But hey, who doesn't want to live pretty much everyday on Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and constantly fangirling over fictional characters & anime people that do not exist.

I do have a life offline which consists mainly of baking, procrastinating, chocolate, pen-paling, listening to music, singing extremely badly (And realising it wasn't the greatest song to sing out loud now was it, LUCY?! You pure and utter numpty!) and of course Art.

And I do have a social life outside involving putting headphones on & day dreaming. I do actually socialise... but most of the time I just want to sketch.

But I do think my life consists of more offline... or online...stuff it, I'll say my consists of both. What? I just can't choose! I love both of my life's in two worlds. I have this saying if I'm in the house I'm in the world of online but soon as I step out it's offline world.

This is probably jibber-whom-a-flip-what-not to everyone, but in my world, it makes complete sense.