Preparing for an exciting future!

Well in the past week, I received a letter back from the chosen college to study Art & Design, I have been given an interview for the college (I'm afraid I won't be telling you where I plan to study, sorry!).
I am completely excited because I have been home educated all my life & if I get on to the chosen course, I'll be going into the education system. And do you know what? I feel ready to enter to study something I love.
Second great news is...*drum rolls* I passed my second English Assignment. I thought I would fail it, but no, I passed so really over moon about that.
Also I want to say thankyou for getting That's a Teens Life to 5k views last weekend! (4k was reached January 2014!) Your wonderful responses on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Email ( have been terrific! Also you can hashtag #ThatsaTeenslife when you tweet!
Remember, you are what makes this blog so super!