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Update - NTConnections 2014

Well, after spending so much time playing & understuding Gabby in Angels. I have only just heard the news about NTConnections 2014. Sadly the drama group I worked with didn't get through to London this year.

But in all of honesty from me, although we didn't get through to London, I got to go to Northampton & it was the best damn experience! 48hrs of Performing Arts in a complete different place & at a grand beautiful theatre! I only actually wished I played Gabby at Northampton but I guess it was nice being the third gravestone from the right.

To all at NTConnections Royal & Derngate, I had the best experience ever! Also thank you for the chocolate bars (They kept me going at the Hotel!). Thank you for letting me perform on the main stage (the very same stage Matthew Wait performed on in 'One For The Road', you made a teenage fangirl of Casualty very happy indeed! He played Luke Warren the paramedic). The T-Shirt is just awesome & I love it! (I'…

Photography & my old cameras...

So with my ever growing love for Photography, I have decided to upload a mix of my work I took back in 2011 (aged 14). These were taken using a Samsung Digital (one of the top cameras which still works and is used as a back up!) My first  proper digitial camera was a Kodak Digital which was given to me in 2009 (aged 11 - 12), the camera has recently been taken apart part of a project. I will say this, I am a girl who adores technology! (Have you noticed?) 

Nature Photography

During mid May I took my camera, went out for a long walk around the countryside and village. I am seriously fortunate to live near such beautiful landscapes! I suppose I should let you take a look at some of the photo's I took. 

To-do-lu, Lucy x

Powered by Excitment! - Day 1 of #RDConnections

After just 3hours sleep I was powered on pure excitement! I was going to Northampton for 2 days part of the NTConnections festival. This was my first festival I was getting to attend which made me even more excited.

I left the house at such an early time I felt like a zombie what with the city of Nottingham all quite. Not a soul in site, the sound of train engines, the train station voice over & my footsteps was the only sound I could here. I drank my coffee and sudernly the city seemed to come alive!

My long journey went so slowly, my heart was pounding with butterflies. I knew what I was getting to do, but I was a little nervous meeting different theatre companies.

When I arrived at Royal & Derngate, I felt tiny but so proud to be standing in such a beautiful building. I was so excited to be performing on The Royal & Derngate's main stage with Junk Shop Theatre Company because one of my favourite actors (Matthew Wait who played Luke Warren, the paramedic in Casualt…

20 Facts About Me

So with my work done for the day I get to play about with my paint software. I want to credit the artist who made the adorable pin up girl (see below) because it's amaze-balls! I thought it's high time you got to know about me (just a little) & if you want to try the #ThatsATeensLife 20 Facts About Me, then you can head on over to our lovely (now public!) Facebook page  
You can find our Facebook page here

I can do some BSL (British Sign Language) and used it quite a few times (knew it would come in use!)I've been Home Educated all my life & never been into a school. I recently got on to a college course of my dream! Art & DesignMy main two careers I wish to have are being an Extra or an Actor, Jewellery Maker & Artist. The things that make me happy are making things out of Polymer Clay, Sketching from time-to-time, Baking, Watching Casualty (there's a theme developing here...) and listening to my favourite music.  My favourite bands/singers are My Ch…

The Rail Girls - #1

I have done so much travelling via public transport, my personal favourite are train rides. On Saturdays I find myself waking up at  7 am, throwing clothes on & heading out the door for a train journey. My Saturdays are always forever different! Today on the 24th of May 2014, though the weather was rather 'perfect for ducks', I spent mainly the day walking around soggy Matlock looking in the amazing charity shops, the rain began to chuck it down & my shoes decided now was the time there would be a hole (I knew my best pair of socks would get ruined!) "Oh the fun(!)" I said, as I stepped into a shop. My feet squelched like two frogs having a conversation whilst sounding like a funny belch. I didn't feel embarrassed, at one point I thought I was going to laugh and realised that wouldn't be a great idea (what if my laugh sounded weird and I got funny looks?) I began to think about calming things whilst walking back to the Train Station in the pouring ra…

Pen-Pal Letter from Russia!

With my ever growing pile of pen-pal letters, I have sure got some writing todo! Last week this beautiful letter arrived, my first thought "Ooo I wonder who this is from?". It was from a friend in Russia who I have been in contact for the past year! I was so happy to hear from her because It has been a while. 
Pen paling has to be my absolute favourite hobby, it means I can learn about other countries, trade things from the UK to complete different country and of course the most important - building friendship. 
With Social Media & Email, you'd think Pen Paling would have "Upgraded", there are snail mailers (email pals which seem to become more unpopular by the moment) but the beauty of  sending mail is exchanging something you've spent time on!

Polymer Clay Charm Update - #1

So with yet another request (which is great! Please keep the requests coming!), here is my first polymer clay charm update!

This was inspired by +Frainy xo's amazing alpaca cake tutorials (which can be found here)! This was my first attempt so of course it would be a little challenging, instead of doing a whipped cream style on top I decided to do a melted chocolate style using my Sculpey liquid clay. I found creating the cake a lot easier following Frainy's tutorial.

 I have been a little obbessed with creating Jammy Dodger necklaces. Following my post on How to colour Polymer clay (click here for previous post) this is how the base turned out:

Now I come to my favourite piece of Jewellery I've created. It was so much fun to create these guys & I've had some lovely compliments from jewellery makers, strangers in the street & some people have been interested in possibly buying them too!
This one is based on the tradional Lebkuchen biscuit (a german cookie). I w…

1000 Paper Cranes

A few months ago, I signed up to tumblr project (hosted by the lovely @happycrafterbee) called 1000 Paper Cranes.  An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane. Some stories believe you are granted eternal good luck, instead of just one wish, such as long life or recovery from illness or injury.

You can find the story here - 1000 Paper Cranes.

But just a few days my beautiful crane arrived!

I want to say thank you to Bethany (@happycrafterbee) for the crane because it is amazing! Please follow her on Tumblr & Instagram because she is such a lovely lady & so creative!  

To-do-lu, Lucy x

Brownie Recipe!

I've been meaning to write up this for ages. During my NTConnection shows, I felt like I need a little treat. SO I got my thinking cap on and decided Brownies could possible be the answer! I should mention any recipe I do is Nut Free! 

Before you fully start this recipe, make sure to -
Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 4Geese a Shallow Baking Tray  The Ingredients you will need: Butter Plain Flour 4 EggsSoft Light Brown SugarDark Chocolate Chips/chunksWhite Chocolate Chips/chunksWhite Chocolate Buttons Marshmallows (optional) Let's Bake!