20 Facts About Me

So with my work done for the day I get to play about with my paint software. I want to credit the artist who made the adorable pin up girl (see below) because it's amaze-balls!
I thought it's high time you got to know about me (just a little) & if you want to try the #ThatsATeensLife 20 Facts About Me, then you can head on over to our lovely (now public!) Facebook page  

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  1. I can do some BSL (British Sign Language) and used it quite a few times (knew it would come in use!)
  2. I've been Home Educated all my life & never been into a school. 
  3. I recently got on to a college course of my dream! Art & Design
  4. My main two careers I wish to have are being an Extra or an Actor, Jewellery Maker & Artist.
  5.  The things that make me happy are making things out of Polymer Clay, Sketching from time-to-time, Baking, Watching Casualty (there's a theme developing here...) and listening to my favourite music.  
  6. My favourite bands/singers are My Chemical Romance, Black Veil Brides, Green Day, Haim, Ben Howard, Avril Lavigne, Paloma Faith & many, many others!
  7. Things I wish to do - Obviously be an Extra (in Casualty...yeah I am a bit of fan), Go to Paris, find out where my favourite tea and chocolate comes from (I hope that doesn't sound weird), Get recognised as an Artist, Meet my favourite actors, 
  8. My favourite Actors: Will Thorp, Matthew Wait, Matthew Rhys and many others.
  9. I love blogging (obviously!)
  10. I have 10 pen-pals from around the world including: Russia, Indonesia, USA, Germany and many more.
  11. I have 11years experience in Performing Arts.
  12. I have been interviewed 3 times for a newspaper & reviewed twice for two shows. 
  13. I am not a morning person, I'm mainly a night owl. 
  14. I'm a massive Shakespeare fan - When I was 12years old I played Quince & learnt the page long monologue of where Bottom, Snug, Flute, Stravling and Snoot put a play-within-a-play on. I remember during most of my days learning my moves & lines in the Garden.
  15. I've been a victum of bullying many times mainly for being Home Educated. But I think of it as good thing because I've learnt to stick up for myself. 
  16. I'm not really a book person - I'm more of Graphic Novel e.g Rosario+Vampire.
  17. I've performed on The Royal & Derngate main stage (the very same stage that Matthew Wait performed on! *fangirls just a little*) 
  18. I love to sing (and it would be a dream to sing in front of people again.)
  19. On my first day at Ballet company I got stung by a wasp on the foot (bit funny huh?) but doing a performance with the Northern Ballet was a great experience.
  20. I love to do Horse Riding! :)