Brownie Recipe!

I've been meaning to write up this for ages. During my NTConnection shows, I felt like I need a little treat. SO I got my thinking cap on and decided Brownies could possible be the answer! I should mention any recipe I do is Nut Free! 

Before you fully start this recipe, make sure to -

    • Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 4
    • Geese a Shallow Baking Tray 
    The Ingredients you will need:
    • Butter 
    • Plain Flour 
    • 4 Eggs
    • Soft Light Brown Sugar
    • Dark Chocolate Chips/chunks
    • White Chocolate Chips/chunks
    • White Chocolate Buttons 
    • Marshmallows (optional)
     Let's Bake! 

    1. You'll need to begin by weighing out 250g of Butter (it's far better to use actually butter in recipes because it has the right amount of salt. Plus it seems to taste far better too.)

    2. In another bowl you'll need 200g of Dark Chocolate Chips

    3. Weigh 325g of Soft Light Brown Sugar.

    4. Crack 4 eggs into a bowl.

    4 (continued). Whisk vigorously until the eggs are combined.

    5. Weigh out 250g of plain flour and sieve into a bowl.
    6. You'll also need white chocolate buttons & white choc chips (The marshmallows are an option!)

    7. Add the Butter and Dark Choc in a deep pan,

    8. And place on the hob on a low light and stir continuously until the butter and chocolate is fully melted.

    9. When the butter and chocolate are melted and combined (You can leave them on the hob on the lowest light but make sure to watch it so it doesn't burn!). Add the eggs to the flour and mix slowly. 

    Mixing, Mixing, Mixing!!
    10. You can now add  white chocolate chips (And marshmallows if you so choose) and mix again.

    11. With the chocolate and butter still warm, add the soft brown light sugar.

    12. Whisk carefully until mixed (Make sure there are no sugar granuals otherwise it can burn and leave the pan in an awful state!

    13. Once mixed take off the hob to cool for 5 mintues (If you don't let it cool, The flour mix will curdel and leave the brownies mix unsettled in the oven!)

    Waiting.... Waiting....

    14. You can now add the amazing smelling chocolaty mix to the flour and egg mix. (Note to self - Don't leave your phone near a really gooey mix, it's an accident waiting to happen!)

    15. Now you can begin to mix (Honestly the temptation to stuff my face in that was high!)

    16. Pour the mix in to a shallow baking tray

    17. Leave the mix to settle a little.

    18. Arrange the White Chocolate Buttons in whatever order you like. I arranged mine so that would bake and become gooey (And I felt it was the best and tastiest decision I'd ever made!)

    19. Place the tray on the middle shelf and set the timer for 20 - 30 mintues. 

    Ready to come out!

    20. Leave the brownies to fully cool and serve. (Tip - You could leave the brownies to fully cool and place in the fridge for 24hrs to become a Brownie-Fridge Cake! It's heavenly to eat on a warm summer day!

    Hope you enjoyed this recipe, I plan to do one every month :) If you have any questions, please do comment below!

    To-do-lu, Lucy x