How to colour Polymer Clay

To colour polymer clay is pretty simple. Choosing the right polymer clay is the key I've learnt!

The best project to do and to learn about colouring polymer clay is to make a biscuit. You've probably noticed on my blog, how I specialise in polymer clay biscuits/cookies.

Materials you'll need:

Sculpey - I bought mine from The Bead Shop (colour beige) for £2.40 but it can be bought from Amazon or craft stores as well.
Pastels (Mainly gold, brown, white ect...) - These can be bought from craft stores, The Works  and Amazon for reasonable prices ranging from £2 to £40. There uses are multi ranging and they last for months!

Cutting board - I got mine from The Works for £2.99.

Eye brush - I bought mine from Wilko's for 50p but you can find them pretty much in everyday stores.

Start by laying out your chosen cut out piece (I decided to do a Jammy Dodger.)
You mainly need a brown/golden colour around the outside and middle cut-out. Give Slow brush stokes to the middle and round the outside use a deeper golden colour. During when it's being baked, the pastel will stay stuck on to the polymer clay.