Pen-Pal Letter from Russia!

With my ever growing pile of pen-pal letters, I have sure got some writing todo! Last week this beautiful letter arrived, my first thought "Ooo I wonder who this is from?". It was from a friend in Russia who I have been in contact for the past year! I was so happy to hear from her because It has been a while. 

Pen paling has to be my absolute favourite hobby, it means I can learn about other countries, trade things from the UK to complete different country and of course the most important - building friendship. 

With Social Media & Email, you'd think Pen Paling would have "Upgraded", there are snail mailers (email pals which seem to become more unpopular by the moment) but the beauty of  sending mail is exchanging something you've spent time on!

Front of the letter - I've covered address for safety. 

Back of the Letter - The Washi tape is so soft (it's actually printed calico!) 

Inside the envolope was: A letter, my favourite Tea (how did you know?!), Two Memo pads & four utterly beautiful stamps (Also - how did you know I collect stamps?!) 

The Stamps are Alice in Wonderland themed (Alice in Wonderland is my absolute favourite childrens book!)

The stamp on the left is one of the original Alice's & the one on the right is an actual illustration from the book.

Thank you so much for my beautiful letter & I look forward to writing back!

To-do-lu, Lucy x