Photography & my old cameras...

So with my ever growing love for Photography, I have decided to upload a mix of my work I took back in 2011 (aged 14). These were taken using a Samsung Digital (one of the top cameras which still works and is used as a back up!) My first  proper digitial camera was a Kodak Digital which was given to me in 2009 (aged 11 - 12), the camera has recently been taken apart part of a project. I will say this, I am a girl who adores technology! (Have you noticed?) 

Seweby Hall (The camera's battery was dying and when I placed it in black and white, the battery gave a different style and I have never been able to achieve it again!) 

Seweby's foutain statue

Seweby Hall

Nottingham Foumtains 

Cygnet at Wollaton
This Swan allowed me to get close & it I love the detail of his feathers :) 

This photo got me a place in The Telegraphs Young Nature Photographer (I placed 85th out of over 2,500 entries). I am still trying to get it as a canvas :)
Cygnets at Wollaton