Polymer Clay Charm Update - #1

So with yet another request (which is great! Please keep the requests coming!), here is my first polymer clay charm update!
All my charms, decorations & jewellery 

This was inspired by +Frainy xo's amazing alpaca cake tutorials (which can be found here)! This was my first attempt so of course it would be a little challenging, instead of doing a whipped cream style on top I decided to do a melted chocolate style using my Sculpey liquid clay. I found creating the cake a lot easier following Frainy's tutorial.
The top of the cake.

I think I could improve a lot more in mainly texture.

 I have been a little obbessed with creating Jammy Dodger necklaces. Following my post on How to colour Polymer clay (click here for previous post) this is how the base turned out:

I've been asked to make some of these as Birthday Presents :)

Now I come to my favourite piece of Jewellery I've created. It was so much fun to create these guys & I've had some lovely compliments from jewellery makers, strangers in the street & some people have been interested in possibly buying them too!
M&M cookie & Chocolate Smiley Face
This one is based on the tradional Lebkuchen biscuit (a german cookie). I will be showing how to create these later this year :)

Lebkuchen Biscuit
 Gingerbread men, one of my favourite biscuits! My sister makes delicious batches of them & recently inspired me to create some out of polymer clay! Friends have asked for some as Christmas & Birthday presents! I've got my work cut out!
Gingerbread Men

To-do-lu, Lucy x