Powered by Excitment! - Day 1 of #RDConnections

After just 3hours sleep I was powered on pure excitement! I was going to Northampton for 2 days part of the NTConnections festival. This was my first festival I was getting to attend which made me even more excited.

I left the house at such an early time I felt like a zombie what with the city of Nottingham all quite. Not a soul in site, the sound of train engines, the train station voice over & my footsteps was the only sound I could here. I drank my coffee and sudernly the city seemed to come alive!

My long journey went so slowly, my heart was pounding with butterflies. I knew what I was getting to do, but I was a little nervous meeting different theatre companies.

When I arrived at Royal & Derngate, I felt tiny but so proud to be standing in such a beautiful building. I was so excited to be performing on The Royal & Derngate's main stage with Junk Shop Theatre Company because one of my favourite actors (Matthew Wait who played Luke Warren, the paramedic in Casualty) performed on the very stage just a year ago!!

Once my friends (also fellow Junk Shop members) had arrived, we walked down to lobby and saw so many young people who had come to perform & take part in some workshops. Whilst waiting to hear what was going to happen, we were given welcome packs & a 'Royal & Derngate NTConnections' T-shirt! Inside the welcome packs was: a show schedule for all performances during the whole week,  a schedule for workshops (I laughed because I printed all the information for the today, the night before!), a wicked looking chocolate bar (my belly even grumbled with excitement!) and a 'Royal & Derngate What's on guide'.

We gathered round to introduce our selves. Most people spread out but the Junk Shoppers stood close together. A wave of names went through and soon we were making our way to our first workshop: Mime.

The mime artist we worked with was so funny, I'd never tried mime, I have mostly been more involved in Shakespeare with RYSC (Regional Youth Shakespeare Company) so I excited to be doing something completely different! We did 'school of fish' (which was a group exercise) which involved pretty much copycat style. I gave it a try & I will admit if I ever get the chance to do this, I will happily do it again perhaps look nervous!

We then made our way back to Royal & Derngate's main building for Lunch, and boy was I hungry (I hadn't eaten since 5:15am).

Our lovely guide came over to tell us what was happening next, We were going to work with an Artist called Emma Davis. Now of course knowing me I'd probably get a little shy. The Artist was lovely & got us involved all the time.
She took out a sheet of paper and a piece of charcoal. She showed the charcoal & (with my arty instincts) I said without thinking, "That's the softest type of charcoal, isn't it?" and I was right! How do I know? Because I hate using charcoal (I had an Art Class last year invovling charcoal & my favourite t-shirt. You can imangine the outcome!) We watched were hands movements create the wing of the angel. My eyes couldn't blink, I was so entranced!

We also wrote down about the play such as examples of lines & what the production was about.

After our ever so fast half-n-hour we made our way to a vocal workshop in the Crown Room. It was create fun & our guide, Aiden (I hope I spelt your name right, if not, sorry!) joined in too. My favourite part was picking up a picture, memorizing the person in the photo & being silly with the walk and speech.
I've done this many times with RYSC, She said me & my sister were naturals!

After are hilarious vocal warm up we grabbed our bags & made our way to the Training Room to do feedback on Social Media about the day and write on a massive sheet too (which was opitional but I still did it anyway.)

At 4pm we had a break to get a coffee. My legs felt a little shaky because I felt so hungry (I began to worry if my blood sugar would drop & I would pass out!) but thankful not (yet!).

We made our way the main stage to watch The Wardrobe by Theatre in Transit. I thought they did well but I kind of like LYTX's performance alot more of The Wardrobe.

Then we grabbed our bags, went to the Underground Studio to watch Heritage performed by Stropsley High School. I also thought they did well but the sound effects were too loud and I wasn't quite so keen on Heritage. The companies acting was superb though!

After the performance we walked out to get food. My legs were so light, I felt really faint. We stood up (I could only stand for 2mintues) and I told our supervisor for Junk Shop that I didn't feel well and went to sit down. I luckily didn't pass out thanks to the amazing Jen who made me laugh and made sure I was alright! Thanks Jen, you were a star!

Once  a load of boxes of pizza's were delivered, all the students of the drama companies charged with rumbling bellies and grabbed a box. It was great chatting with the other companies over tea a the Royal & Derngate. Just an experience I'll never forget!

To-do-lu, Lucy x