Resin Workshop - Week 1

On Saturday the 26th of April and Saturday 3rd of May, I took part in a two part workshop at The Bead Shop in Nottingham. Resin is a chemical which sets and becomes a plastic. Some toys, action figures even dolls are made out of resin! I chose to use a selection of items (Think I took too many! Oh well!)  

Next time I plan to use some flowers & possibly glass beads!

Air Bubble got this one!  
Bronze Pendant 

Gold Arrow - Going to put this on a ring!

Kawaii Charm (might use this as a trade offer) 

Another Air Bubble Casualty! *Starts humming Casualty theme tune*

This one is my absolute favourite! Because when you hold it to the sun it looks like a Galaxy Explosion.
I might turn it into a pendant with clear glass beads. 
Peace Charm 

I was thinking of putting these on to earring (preferably clipped) maybe?

The dragon was hand stamped by a women and I was given it with a long broken charm bracelet when I told how I collected various jewellery items, took them apart and made them into something new :)

Rose's (Any ideas what I could do with these?)

Polymer clay bow canes in red resin - going to place these on pierced earrings & a ring base for a friends Birthday.

Real Hundreds and Thousands & an old (baby) strawberry button. Going to put this onto a ring base!

Blue Rose's which I was considering placing on pierced earrings and ring base.

And my sisters favourite (which she seems to have her eye on!), Gold glitter and a laser cut black bat. I plan to put this on to a silver ring base.