Resin Workshop - Week 2

This was my last workshop at The Bead Shop in Nottingham. I love how most of the resin came out! Thank you so much to The Bead Shop for all your help & teaching me about a new type of jewellery making!

Steam punk (possible hair grip?)

Kawaii Heart (Hair Grip)

Colour Explosion (Maybe a brooch?)

Diamond (Going to make this into a ring for cosplaying!)

Another cosplay ring! 

Now... What should I do with these guys?

Won't lie, mum thought this was an egg. Why? I just don't know... ;)se

I actually made the apple (took 2 hours!) but this resin piece was a Snow White inspired from
the series 'Once Upon a Time'. I hope to place it on a ring base for my mum. 

Now.. what to do with you guys? 

Snow Drop Pendant 

Not quite so happy how this came out but meh! It will have a use one day!

The blue was too strong and sadly dominated the heart and cookies way too much, which is a shame!

A family member is a huge cat love & I am hoping to the cat on the right on keyring!

These will be made into either earrings or placed in Decoden.

These will be used for a future decoden on a phonecase.

Also going to used in a Decoden project :)

Sadly I can't use this piece, although it looks set, it actually bends!

A Hair Piece perhaps?

Bronze Pendant

Another Snow White Piece :) 

Cookie Monster inspired! 

Glitter Rose's - Not so keen on these :/

Gold Glitter Heart (Another Ring my sister has seem to fallen in love with!)

And a Sailor Moon inspired Ring! :D