Shopping Haul - Arts & Crafts

So as requested on the #ThatsaTeensLife Facebook Page, you guys suggested a Shopping Haul. Now, I hardly ever buy expensive clothes, Literally my clothing is either from charity shops (what?! I have found Joe Browns T-shirts, David & Goliath T-shirts worth £20 for 50p - trust me those shops are amaze-balls!) or from Primark sale section. So knowing me, how much I adore Arts & Crafts, I thought I'd base the shopping haul on my recent trip into the city!

Shopping Haul!

Bronze Fishhook Earring Findings - 60p from The Bead Shop in Nottingham 

Charm made by friends as gift ( I love it so much, Thank you!)
25 Sandpaper Sheets (different sizes) £1 (Poundland) - I use sandpaper a lot for my polymer clay, resin and e.c.t so finding a good quality is normally tricky! But the type of roughness isn't too bad but leaves a nasty scratch on the skin (So do be careful if you use this product!) 

Sculpey III Beige and Chocolate Brown (£2.40 per block) from The Bead Shop  - I find Sculpey easier to use and mould unlike Fimo which does crumble.

Liquid Sculpey £8.50 from The Bead Shop - Great quality and lasts for upto months as you rarely need to use much. It smells amazing when it's baked too!

Jakar Wooden Mannequin Hand - £16.99 - This was bought primarily for my
Gold Arts Award Exhibition and for college. 
The movement of the hand is easy to use.
But I was hoping it would allow me to move the wrist (sadly it can't). But the detail in the
hand is really good!

Charms (from friends) - Free (thank you!!)

(from top left to bottom centre) Small charm's, Twin Dragons, Scissors that actually work (I am actually craftgirling how come they can move!), Twin Birds and a Bobbing Head Owl (which will be made into a pendant 

Washi Tape - £1.75 for two 16 meter rolls - Aren't they cute!
Biscuit Cutter and hundreds & thousands for 50p (Mothers Day Reduction) - So these have two great uses! The cutter is for my polymer clay and the hundreds and thousands (which are out of date - nice one TESCO!) will be going in resin  to make cute kawaii rings to sell.  
Winsor & Newton Black Watercolour block for £1.60 - I was so lucky to get this in the sale, they normal cost £3 - £5 a block and the quailty is fantastic! If you're going to write kanji's with traditional brushes then this is the best ink you can use too.

Gold Marker (fine tip) for £2.60 - I bought this primarily for my Gold Arts Award.
They last for about 3-4 months, but if you pace yourself it can last up to months.
If you shake it to re-load the ink, make sure to wear old clothes as the oil within the ink can stain!
The tip is very fine and when you write on the paper, put a firm pressure but not so much
that it can break the tip (this can happen BUT very rarely!)