The Rail Girls - #1

I have done so much travelling via public transport, my personal favourite are train rides. On Saturdays I find myself waking up at  7 am, throwing clothes on & heading out the door for a train journey. My Saturdays are always forever different! Today on the 24th of May 2014, though the weather was rather 'perfect for ducks', I spent mainly the day walking around soggy Matlock looking in the amazing charity shops, the rain began to chuck it down & my shoes decided now was the time there would be a hole (I knew my best pair of socks would get ruined!) "Oh the fun(!)" I said, as I stepped into a shop. My feet squelched like two frogs having a conversation whilst sounding like a funny belch. I didn't feel embarrassed, at one point I thought I was going to laugh and realised that wouldn't be a great idea (what if my laugh sounded weird and I got funny looks?) I began to think about calming things whilst walking back to the Train Station in the pouring rain. I took my camera out and began to capture photos of the down pour. Whilst waiting for the train, I watched the Steam Train pull in. I began to imagine myself as 1940's teenager waiting for her friend but before I could create a full story in my head the steam train tooted so loud, I let out a little squeal! I looked around, nobody seemed to had noticed (thank god). 

Within a few minutes my outing drew to a close, as I stepped on the train. I placed my ear phones in (Green Day - American Idiot, my favourite album!) and watched the rain drops hit the window. 

Steam Train 

The Carriages 


The Down Pour

The Steam Train