Another Teenage Craze

       Loom Bands, oh boy where do I start on this craze?

  • There addictive! - I was up till 11pm last night creating upto 8 Rainbow Loom bands in a couple of hours. I have only just ran out of 300 bands and I am mighty tempted to run into town to get some more! 
  • Never Growing Up - I probably should think about growing up but today is not going to be one of those days! 
  • I'm wearing a Unicorn - The vibrant colours are beautiful and I've only found out you can get glow in the dark bands too! Oh dear the temptation to run into town is getting high! 
Also I have spotted the Loom Bands are super similar to 90's and early 2000 craze 'Scoobies' where you could create key rings and bracelets (but they were far more complicated!) 

I am totally in love with the idea of using rubber bands to create something so unique! Have you made a start of this new craze? Love to hear, if so, comment below! (Ooo I'm a poet and I don't even know it! Hehe!)