Blogger's Block

We've all hit it, I'm sure! And I'm so sorry for not blogging for the past few days. I'm just currently getting up to speed with work (English, Maths & the ever confusing stage of Gold Arts Award). So in the creativity department 'there ain't much going on' if you get my drift.

Sunday I spent the afternoon at Wollaton with some old pals (it was like a Home Ed Reunion but only most of the kids were 12 ish and I'm nearly 18). We played rounders which was great only I was the batter and kept missing the ball and running on strike 3 but still completing home runs (How I ran the grounds over 10 times and didn't injure myself or anyone around me, I'll never know!)

But today, this very Monday I've been ill, in bed. Oh the joys of being unable to get up without feeling like your going to throw up or pass out. I'm sure I'll be fine, but for now however I'll think of some fantastic things to blog about!

To-do-lu, Lucy x