Robin Hood in a Skirt

Today was a rather speacil day for the family because it was on my grandparents birthdays. I spent Sunday creating a Birthday Cake (which ended up looking like a wedding cake - how I managed that, I do not know!)

So we mainly spent the day at Nottingham Castle which was lovely. We even had a Tea (I had coffee actually) and scones! It was lovely overlooking Nottingham City! We even practically had the grounds to ourselves, It was so peaceful...

  And of course I couldn't help myself but take photos as per usal, so enjoy! Hope you all had a wonderful week and hoping to blog soon even more over the coming weeks. 

Also question for you lovely lot, What would you like to see more on That's a Teens Life? :) x
Overlooking the city

Looking into the distance

Look up to leaf filled sky...

Nearly fully fledged :)

Robin Hood in a Chequered Shirt & Green Skirt