The Ongoing Creative Flair!

The creative flair has been going on for now 48hrs and doesn't seem to want to stop! So all afternoon, I decided to do a 1950s inspired piece. Being a visual learner is great because in my mind I can already see how a piece will unfold. I thought I would share some photo's of the development of today's piece! I hope you enjoy :)

And so it begins (This is a 1950s inspired piece so I changed parts of the photo too) 

I took care of the detail by using a cocktail stick & kebab skewer! (I also used a range of paint brushes too!) 

Details to the ear... 

Finishing off any little touches... 

The finished piece! 
I really do encourage Art because it has helped me through a lot - Stress, Anger & those other little moments in life! Art isn't just painting - it's artforms ranges in many things such as:
  • Performing Arts
  • Photography
  • Sketching 
  • Media
  • Jewellery Making
  • Pottery
  • Fashion
  • Ceramics 
You see, Art is one of those amazing subjects that split into many amazing paths!