Exciting News & an end of a little era...

Well today was my very last Home Education visit, it feels bizarre to be honest. I've had visits for 9years - possibly 10! Home Education visit are fairly simple, think of it as Ofsted inspection.
Since I'm going to college in September to study Art (to hopefully become a Set Designer) it means I'm being signed of from Home Education this year.

I can now officailly have my Summer which is fantastic! However I really don't like this excessive hot weather...

I am without a doubt looking forward to next month because I have some amazing upcoming suprises for you guys, would you like to have a little sneaky-peaky? Of course you would!

  • That's A Teens Life are going to look into more editors for this blog! 
  • I'm getting some epic products from businesses to review!
  • An exciting adventure!  
  • Weekly Charity Shop Hauls - showing you guys the great stuff you can find.
  • Day in the Life of... 
  • My Kinda Style!
  • And tips and tricks in a range of fab things! 
Ooo you guys are getting spoilt ;) The next fab news, I'll be scheduling That's A Teens Life posts so when I'm at college or really busy, a post will be auto-posted for you lot! 

Also I'd love to hear how your Summer is going so far? 

And much quickly thank you to you guys for getting That's A Teens Life 6.1K! YOU'RE ALL STARS! It's a weird feeling starting to be known as a blogger but it's lovely at the same time. 

Till the next time, see you soon!