Pottery Class - Painting & Getting Darn Right Messy!

Sorry everyone for not posting recently, you won't believe how wonderfully hectic it's been over the past few weeks.

I've recently been to see how my pottery stuff has come out and I'm glad to say (also relieved to say!) they haven't blown up!

~Before Painting~ 
This was slab work based, I created tiles which can also be used as coasters.  The flowers are Poppies because there one of my favourite flowers 

One of the shallow bowls,  I used old tips of felt tips to get the flower effect :) 

The different flowers 

The vase - this is my first attempt creating a vase using coils so of course I wasn't expecting it to look perfect but I am pretty pleased!

~After Painting Them~

Poppy Coasters - As you can see I have used only four colours:
  • Light blue (which will darken as it bakes in the killm) 
  • Red (the petals only)
  • Green (which too will darken)
  • Black (which will give a beautiful glazed stone effect!) 

The Vase - Multi flowers were painted & too be honest I don't know the colours will develop...
The following flowers (which are also my favourites!)
  • Lavender
  • Roses 
  • Daisies

And finally the bowls - these weren't painted using colours but with a stoneware glaze.