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Are You Going To Scarborough Fair? - Day 5 of #BloggingAdventure

Wednesday 6th August 2014

Today we set off early to Scarborough. We got on the train, I put my earphones in to listen to The Beatles and watched the clouds go over the beautiful fields. It only took one hour to get to Scarborough! 
We came across the Market Hall and of course we just had to have a little look! Was this Scarborough Fair? Sadly no but there was still so much more variety here then at Nottingham's Market Place! And it didn't stop there, I went down to the vaults. I went to look at vintage pieces, a little artist shop, but the one shop that caught my eye (and I forgotten the name, oh bother!) But as I entered shop a dog came running out, I looked on her tag. "Trixie, Hello sweetheart." I went to have a look, next thing I know there was something on my foot. I think I was expecting something disgusting but no. She picked a toy up and dumped it again my foot. Trixie stared at me saying "Play?". I must have spent half'n'hour playing with h…

Ice Bucket Challenge

I had a fantastic time doing the Ice Bucket Challenge with my two amazing friends today, even if the weather was stormy! I think I ended up with most of it though!

Thank you to people who nominated me via Twitter & Facebook - I've nominated two buddies from Arts Award, enjoy guys ;)

If you get nominated to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, do it because it's hilarious especially on a freezing day!

Also enjoy the first That's A Teens Life video! x

When Lucy met Dracula - Day 4 of #BloggingAdventure

Tuesday 5th August 2014 
Today we decided to go to Whitby, I love Bram Stokers work, I've always wanted to do the Gothic weekend (we've also made a plan to the weekend when me & my sister are older.) Once me and sister went to the abbey and did the 'Lucy bitten by Dracula' scene... yeah guess who was Lucy. We also made a pat to find the god damn tackiest fridge magnet. 
Our journey began at Scarborough Train Station bus stop. We travelled for roughly just over an hour on the most bumpiest bus. We went through the Goathlands (Heartbeat).  Suddenly the view got even more beautiful, Whitby was just 20 minutes away. The view was breathtaking.                                                                                            When we got into the Town centre, it was busy. I tied my bag tightly and held my camera (last year my camera lens cover was stolen from my bag. It can be replaced, but it's so damn expensive!)  We went to Whitby's Cafe just by the edg…

A Shop Selling Speech - Review By Lucy Wakefield

Written by Sabrina Mahfouz                                                                           Performed by Flying High Theatre Company Director: Carrie Bird On 9th March 2014, I attended a performance of ‘A Shop Selling Speech’ at Bonnington Theatre, Arnold as a part of NationalTheatre Connections. The setting for the play is a shop in Egypt which despite only having recently opened is already being targeted by three people who appear to be either robbers or activists however the reasons for their actions are not immediately clear.
As the play unfolds, the tension builds between the characters as threats are made by the activists to the staff and the staff member try to justify their own actions and methods for selling their ‘product’. Just as the pressure becomes almost too much, the audience learns that the intruders are actually on the side of the public as the shop is selling speech which they believe should be free which challenges the idea of the activists being ‘in the wron…

A Letter To Lacey - Review By Lucy Wakefield

By Catherine Johnson, Performed by Chapter 4 and Directed by Hannah Stone
On the 18th March 2014, I attended a free performance of ‘A Letter To Lacey’ at Mansfield Palace Theatre (part of the NationalTheatre Connections.) The play began with an adaptation of The Shangri-Las 1960s classic song: “Leader of the Pack”, sung by the three actresses who play Kara (in different age groups).
The dialogue started with eldest Kara thinking how to introduce herself in a letter to her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend, Lacey (although you never get the chance to see this character). As the play progressed it became clear that Kara, was the narrator of the story which included flashbacks to her abusive relationship with her boyfriend, Reece.
The actresses who played Kara were very confident (but occasionally lacked in projection) and portrayed the character believably. The transitions between scenes were excellent, however the sound for most scenes were exceedingly loud.
The art forms involved in this pro…

Old Town - Day 3 of #BloggingAdventure

Monday 4th August 2014
We headed out early today to go to Bridlington's Old Town, If you remember programs such as the The Royal or Heartbeat, well a couple episodes were filmed in the this town (and around North Yorkshire).  

We walked up to visit Bridlington's Old Priory and since we looked like tourists (We're not really that tourist~y because we know Bridlington from the back of our palm.) We were asked how old it was, I  said 201 years old when I knew it was 901years old. The night before there was a lot of shouting from outside so I was really tired. We also asked about Henry VIII, but my shy self decided to say nothing (great idea, Lucy. You know how much you love history!) 

We did go inside, I was asked if I wanted a 'Photographers Pass', I looked around, although there was natural lighting, my camera found it hard to focus on subjects and props in the church, so I said "No thanks, my camera's acting up.".

I went outside, sketched the front of…

Four Smiles - Day 2 of #Blogging Adventure

Sunday 3rd August 2014
The day I have been waiting for ages came, the very day I have waited for two long years.  I waited eagly at the window in my room overlooking the glistening water. Suddenly there were two boys, I could hardly believe my eyes, the two boys I knew were practically men. 
We hugged and I stood up from my chair in the lounge. I don't think my auntie was expecting to see me now 6ft and almost a lady! (I'm the tallest female in my family, woohoo!) However I'd hardly count myself as a lady, just a weird sci-fi, theatre, actor obbessed, polymer clay, art geek! 
We went to play at the amusments for some hours, then we all went to the pub and discussed about what's been going on. We also talked about how close my life as college student was. Going from Home education to College is a huge leap for me & my career is so close I can feel it! I refuse to give up!We head to the apartment and walked to the car to   As our day together drew to a close, we made…

The Long Journey - Day #1 of Blogging Adventure

I had the pleasure to be a blogger for #BloggingAdventure2014 - Blogging Adventure is a where you blog about one week for your summer holidays. Few bloggers get to do this, so it's lucky & unmissable chance to get. 
Saturday 2nd August 2014 - The Long Journey
My 5hour, three trains journey was an interesting one! I caught: My Hometown to NottinghamNottingham to SheffieldSheffield to BridlingtonI was a little nervous to be having my own suitcase full of new clothes. But a family barricaded my suitcase with all there stuff and I stupidly gave the death glare, the glare that screamed 'Don't touch my suitcase.' 
"5 hours later, four screaming kids & one huge starbucks coffee later..." 
 I arrived in beatiful (not to soggy) Bridlington. I was so pleased to back in my favourite place. 
I took a slow walk to where we were going to stay and looked out to the choppy sea, the boats were out & it sure was nice to watch. 
My family & I were greeted by the la…

Followers, Business & More Posts!

And I'm back... I am sorry for not posting. I recently had a total breakdown of everything happening so fast & the fact I've lost two friends at the same time. I've recently been discussing with my mum about my business because some in Australia has the business name The Stitched Bluebird.

So we placed our thinking caps on (near 1am). I ran to get my sketchbook and crazily went through my sketch filled draw (trust me, I am NOT organised in any shape or form!) Suddenly we came up with a kawaii (in English - cute), however after the recent happenings I decided perhaps revealing the name would be a bad idea (until I find how to protect the name!)

Also my second fabulous piece of news is *drum roll* I'm in the processor of becoming a YouTuber!

I'll be posting alot more over this weekend! So it will be a post extravaganza!

Also quick mention I have ONLY 1 follower on Blogger (SAY WHAT!) on That's A Teens Life even though my views have boosted to 6.2K...

My Goo…

Let's Just Restart, Shall We?

And I'm back from Blogging Adventure 2014! The amount that happened last week was utterly insane. Crazy weather, insane amounts of walking, meeting up with family & retail therapy! I'm just finishing off the posts off & they'll be up by the Saturday or Sunday!

But the dramatic fall to disappointment has appeared, how come? All I can say is my trust has died with one or two people. So I've picked my mopey self off the fall and decided to restart pretty much my life on the 1st of September.  I hope I don't sound selfish but I'm really fed up of putting everyone else above me and never getting a favor returned. And I hate having my trust broken.

September the 1st will be the biggest leap for me and from then it will only be concerning about my life & career. Sometimes you have to just think about yourself in order to get somewhere, I'm sorry but it's the sad truth.

And can I just say, I'm thrilled to relieve 42K on my Google+ &  6.2K on…

#2 - Photography Update

My love for photography just keeps on growing and I'll be making sure to do more photography updates and posts throughout the week for my blogging adventure. I can't reveal a lot - Sorry guys! All can say is, I have a very long journey tomorrow! So if excuse any delays to posts because it either of the shit signal or no wifi.... hang on, NO WIFI? I'll survive, I think...

So without any further ado, here are some of my latest photography pieces from on my travels! Enjoy!

All the following photos were taken using the Canon Powershot SX500

Product Review - By Indigo Hands

I had the most absolute pleasure to review 'By Indigo Hands' products today! By Indigo Hands is a business run by three crafter's: Echo Rhosawenne, Loki Midian & Grace Stark - who hand make beautiful items from Home ware to Jewellery!

I received my package on the 22nd of July, it arrived in a small box and everything was beautifully wrapped!


Loki's candle was utterly stunning! I couldn't take my eyes off it, the colours & the smell of the wax was subtle and calming. Loki's candles can be purchased - here and trust me you won't regret it!

Grace's Polymer clay dropped ice cream charm was adorable and utterly kawaii! My sister also fell in love with this keyring, so I let her have it. I've known Grace for many years (since I was a really 5-6 possibly younger) and we've both watched each other grow up through Home Education. I've watched her artistic talents thrive and honestly I'm so proud to be owning one of her prod…