#2 - Photography Update

My love for photography just keeps on growing and I'll be making sure to do more photography updates and posts throughout the week for my blogging adventure. I can't reveal a lot - Sorry guys! All can say is, I have a very long journey tomorrow! So if excuse any delays to posts because it either of the shit signal or no wifi.... hang on, NO WIFI? I'll survive, I think...

So without any further ado, here are some of my latest photography pieces from on my travels! Enjoy!

All the following photos were taken using the Canon Powershot SX500

Peacock Butterfly on a Buddleia

Quick fact - 

The European Peacock Butterfly or as everyone knows it just as the Peacock Butterfly, 
can be found in Japan. 

There particularly attracted to the Buddleia.

The Peacock Butterfly has the longest lifespan then any other Butterfly. It can live upto 11 months, where
as the average butterfly can live upto only 1 month. 

If this has given you a growing interest in butterflies, I recommend you look at UK Butterflies.

Matlock Bath's Bridge

The Roots

I went on a walk up High Tor between Matlock & Matlock Bath, I came across this quite amazing sight.
A tree on the edge of a rock, but still alive. It was fascinating because the roots must have stretched to at least 6-7ft. 

White Water-lily - Matlock Bath Park