Are You Going To Scarborough Fair? - Day 5 of #BloggingAdventure

Wednesday 6th August 2014 

Today we set off early to Scarborough. We got on the train, I put my earphones in to listen to The Beatles and watched the clouds go over the beautiful fields. It only took one hour to get to Scarborough! 

We came across the Market Hall and of course we just had to have a little look! Was this Scarborough Fair? Sadly no but there was still so much more variety here then at Nottingham's Market Place! And it didn't stop there, I went down to the vaults. I went to look at vintage pieces, a little artist shop, but the one shop that caught my eye (and I forgotten the name, oh bother!) But as I entered shop a dog came running out, I looked on her tag. "Trixie, Hello sweetheart." I went to have a look, next thing I know there was something on my foot. I think I was expecting something disgusting but no. She picked a toy up and dumped it again my foot. Trixie stared at me saying "Play?". I must have spent half'n'hour playing with her! I noticed a badge with her face on it, I stroked her and said "Should I get this?", her simplest and sweetest reply was a lick on my hand. When Oscar, my dog died, I mourned about how will I ever look at another dog again? He'd been in my life since I was a really little and Trixie seemed to give the same impression as Oscar did. Understanding & definitely a girls best friend.   

As I walked out of the vaults, we made our way to Anne Bronte's grave, I loved Jane Eyer and I was so pleased to be paying my respects to her. However a problem began. Where was the grave? We went to the church to find a map or something that would give us a clue.                                                                       I found some really nice prayer sheets, I sort of believe in god but only parts (I hope this doesn't offend anybody but it's my opinion and we're all entitled to one). Mum said she'd found her, brilliant! 

We took a steady walk, suddenly their she was. Fresh flowers were placed there. The original grave gave incorrect information about her, so although the original sandstone 165 year old grave still remains, a new one was placed. You can read more about the correction of Anne Brontë 's grave on the BBC News website

The Castle wasn't far, I looked at Anne Brontë 's grave and said goodbye. I think next time if I pay a visit I'll take some flowers.

I never visited the castle, my nan said she had visited the castle since 1960's. Just imagine, the three generations. Rather beautiful, don't you think?

My home education has been surrounded by trips to historical buildings & lots of different places.

It was incredible, I got some nice panorama shots of the view of  Scarborough. You can see the here.

Suddenly the weather decided to look almost threatening. After our time at the castle, we walked to meet up with family again. We also got caught in the famous heavy downpour which nearly about killed my phone! The weather soon brightened up, everyone in Scarborough looked almost dry where as I looked very drenched indeed!

 We mainly discussed about how quick the holiday has been going, we went for a walk around Peasholm Park, where the boats were out.
We had tea & before we knew it, it was time to leave for Bridlington. Suddenly a dramatic holt came by. The train Sheffield (also going to Bridlington) had been cancelled. Why? Because of a lightning strike to the signal box, the exact same scenario that happened in Derby only this time we weren't stuck with a verbal abusive passenger.

A coach parked up, that was our replacement. The journey back was shocking. I ended up nearly throwing up & passing out. All the way from Filey to Bridlington I watched someone being very ill indeed. We've named it 'The Coach Trip From Hell'.

I was fine after the journey, just very grey looking. But I guess the sunset made up for it.

I enjoyed my time back at Scarborough & It was definitely a day I would not be forgetting sometime too either!

My Sister & Me
The View from the Castle - Taken by my sister