Followers, Business & More Posts!

And I'm back... I am sorry for not posting. I recently had a total breakdown of everything happening so fast & the fact I've lost two friends at the same time. I've recently been discussing with my mum about my business because some in Australia has the business name The Stitched Bluebird.

So we placed our thinking caps on (near 1am). I ran to get my sketchbook and crazily went through my sketch filled draw (trust me, I am NOT organised in any shape or form!) Suddenly we came up with a kawaii (in English - cute), however after the recent happenings I decided perhaps revealing the name would be a bad idea (until I find how to protect the name!)

Also my second fabulous piece of news is *drum roll* I'm in the processor of becoming a YouTuber!

I'll be posting alot more over this weekend! So it will be a post extravaganza!

Also quick mention I have ONLY 1 follower on Blogger (SAY WHAT!) on That's A Teens Life even though my views have boosted to 6.2K...

My Google+ profile now has over 42K and 82 followers...

What I'm trying to say is, if you enjoy reading this blog then please follow (I follow back as well!)

And another thing, I'm creating another two blogs (which will be linked soon!) but one is going to a Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle. But I'd never abandon this blog though.

Bye for now! x