Four Smiles - Day 2 of #Blogging Adventure

Sunday 3rd August 2014

The day I have been waiting for ages came, the very day I have waited for two long years. 
I waited eagly at the window in my room overlooking the glistening water. Suddenly there were two boys, I could hardly believe my eyes, the two boys I knew were practically men. 

We hugged and I stood up from my chair in the lounge. I don't think my auntie was expecting to see me now 6ft and almost a lady! (I'm the tallest female in my family, woohoo!) However I'd hardly count myself as a lady, just a weird sci-fi, theatre, actor obbessed, polymer clay, art geek! 

We went to play at the amusments for some hours, then we all went to the pub and discussed about what's been going on. We also talked about how close my life as college student was. Going from Home education to College is a huge leap for me & my career is so close I can feel it! I refuse to give up!We head to the apartment and walked to the car to  
As our day together drew to a close, we made a date to meet up over the week. 

Me on the North Seafront
Me & the family went out on a walk by the North Seafront, I got the chance to go on the beach & have it to myself! I also took my camera to get photos of the pastel skies, they looked beatiful, the tide was slowly coming & I decided it would be a good idea to come back on the path

There was also 'Sand Graffiti', I thought it was rather artistic, David Hockney did you do this? That's another thing, my favourite artist, David Hockney lives in Bridlington!

After our walk, we sat down and watched telly (as you do). And I also began on the 1000 piece jigsaw.

And my photo the day for Sunday 3rd of August is..... This picture of the moon by the seafront.
I used a 4ft 5" zoom to achieve this & used little Photoshop contrast.

The Moon - Photographed by Lucy Wakefield