Let's Just Restart, Shall We?

And I'm back from Blogging Adventure 2014! The amount that happened last week was utterly insane. Crazy weather, insane amounts of walking, meeting up with family & retail therapy! I'm just finishing off the posts off & they'll be up by the Saturday or Sunday!

But the dramatic fall to disappointment has appeared, how come? All I can say is my trust has died with one or two people. So I've picked my mopey self off the fall and decided to restart pretty much my life on the 1st of September.  I hope I don't sound selfish but I'm really fed up of putting everyone else above me and never getting a favor returned. And I hate having my trust broken.

September the 1st will be the biggest leap for me and from then it will only be concerning about my life & career. Sometimes you have to just think about yourself in order to get somewhere, I'm sorry but it's the sad truth.

And can I just say, I'm thrilled to relieve 42K on my Google+ &  6.2K on this blog! So hello new readers of That's a Teens Life! It's people like you that keep me wanting to blog.