Product Review - By Indigo Hands

(By Indigo Hands )
I had the most absolute pleasure to review 'By Indigo Hands' products today! By Indigo Hands is a business run by three crafter's: Echo Rhosawenne, Loki Midian & Grace Stark - who hand make beautiful items from Home ware to Jewellery!

I received my package on the 22nd of July, it arrived in a small box and everything was beautifully wrapped!

The gorgeous packaging!

Each item was wrapped individually.


Loki's candle was utterly stunning! I couldn't take my eyes off it, the colours & the smell of the wax was subtle and calming. Loki's candles can be purchased - here and trust me you won't regret it!

Grace's Polymer clay dropped ice cream charm was adorable and utterly kawaii! My sister also fell in love with this keyring, so I let her have it. I've known Grace for many years (since I was a really 5-6 possibly younger) and we've both watched each other grow up through Home Education. I've watched her artistic talents thrive and honestly I'm so proud to be owning one of her products! You can find many more of her delights - here

And finally Echo's gorgeous quartz tree, I spent ages looking at this and think "How did she do it?". I'm so impressed with the detail and I just love how intricate it is! I've also know Echo through most of my life, I've also watched her burst of creativity for years and when you watch somebodies talents unfold, you become seriously proud to know them! You can find Echo's products - here

And these guys just don't stop! There going to be at two Mind, Body and Spirit Festival! One in Matlock and one at Mansfield! I'm hoping to be there for at least one!
I really recommend you head down to 'By Indigo Hands' Etsy shop to see the other creations they've made and are selling! Also make sure to give their Facebook page a like. I wish the three crafters or should I say artists a massive good luck for the future! x