The Long Journey - Day #1 of Blogging Adventure

I had the pleasure to be a blogger for #BloggingAdventure2014 - Blogging Adventure is a where you blog about one week for your summer holidays. Few bloggers get to do this, so it's lucky & unmissable chance to get. 

Saturday 2nd August 2014 - The Long Journey

My 5hour, three trains journey was an interesting one! I caught:
  • My Hometown to Nottingham
  • Nottingham to Sheffield
  • Sheffield to Bridlington
I was a little nervous to be having my own suitcase full of new clothes. But a family barricaded my suitcase with all there stuff and I stupidly gave the death glare, the glare that screamed 'Don't touch my suitcase.' 

"5 hours later, four screaming kids & one huge starbucks coffee later..." 

 I arrived in beatiful (not to soggy) Bridlington. I was so pleased to back in my favourite place. 

I took a slow walk to where we were going to stay and looked out to the choppy sea, the boats were out & it sure was nice to watch. 

My family & I were greeted by the land lady (we've stayed in the before for my 16th Birthday)  

 I got changed, went shopping with the family & bought Fish'n'chips. It's a tradition that on the first & last day of the holiday our tea is Fish'n'chips, I'm such a Yorkshire lass, it is literally uncanny.
I grabbed my camera and suggested a small walk

We went for just a small walk out on sea front, which was lovely. I love Bridlington's seafronts because in the evenings you get the entire beach to yourself!

We took a steady walk back to the apartment and unpacked. I stared out the window thinking how wonderful it was to be back in Yorkshire. Over the few years of performing, my stress levels have been leaping (I used to struggle with Panic Attacks and had a nasty one.) It was two years since I came to Yorkshire, also two years since I saw my cousins. I was really looking forward to seeing on Sunday.

I couldn't see them over christmas because I had an 8hour rehearsals with Junk Shop Theatre Company for Angels for the National Theatre Connections (we sadly didn't get through to performing on the Main Stage.)

I headed to bed and listened to the waves till I fell asleep.

Bridlington South Sea Front