When Lucy met Dracula - Day 4 of #BloggingAdventure

Tuesday 5th August 2014 

Today we decided to go to Whitby, I love Bram Stokers work, I've always wanted to do the Gothic weekend (we've also made a plan to the weekend when me & my sister are older.) Once me and sister went to the abbey and did the 'Lucy bitten by Dracula' scene... yeah guess who was Lucy. We also made a pat to find the god damn tackiest fridge magnet. 

Our journey began at Scarborough Train Station bus stop. We travelled for roughly just over an hour on the most bumpiest bus. We went through the Goathlands (Heartbeat).  Suddenly the view got even more beautiful, Whitby was just 20 minutes away. The view was breathtaking.                                                                                            When we got into the Town centre, it was busy. I tied my bag tightly and held my camera (last year my camera lens cover was stolen from my bag. It can be replaced, but it's so damn expensive!) 
We went to Whitby's Cafe just by the edge of the Harbour & Beach. We watched the waves crash againest the boats. I put my hair into a ponytail and took my camera out. I took a pretty shit photo of Whitby Abbey.

The market place was jam packed, it was like Yorkshire-Paris. As I said at the beginning of the #BloggingAdventure, I'm not usually used to Summer Holidays. I've always either had holidays in Autumn/Winter because we used to get the whole beach to ourselves, even attractions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
                                                                                    We walked even further up the cobbled streets to see people playing sweet music, there was even one woman dressed like a fairy. There were flowers in her hair, she wore a summer dress and the sparkled in the sun. I didn't stare at her, I just gazed at her beauty from a distance.  There is a huge difference.
I never seen a place where they smoke kippers, I thought the smell would be disgusting. I love kippers after a long walk. But seeing fresh kippers, the smell was  beautiful. Then I decided to go check out a couple of fangirl/fan boy shops. Basically there quotes on T-Shirts, Bags, Mugs...oh you name it! From shows like Super Natural, Sherlock. 
Suddenly the time in Whitby seemed to draw to quick holt. We caught the bumpy bus back to Scarborough (although the driver decided my sister was a complete age to what she was... don't ask!)  As we re-passed the Goathlands, I thought of all the scenes filmed their from Heartbeat. I used to watch the series when I was nine years old with my family. I kept thinking how lucky I am to live like six hours away from this place. We got back to Bridlington safely and I went to another gamer/multi-fandom shop to buy 'The Killers' CD. Early in the evening we went to the amusements & watched the moon glisten over the sea.  

Sadly today we failed to find 'The Worlds God Damn Tackiest Fridge Magnet'. We shall continue our mission over the week to find one!
The Harbour