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Resin Workshop - Review By Lucy Wakefield

On Saturday 29th of April and Saturday 3rd of May, I attended two Resin workshops at The Bead Shop on Market Street, Nottingham.
The two workshops were held in a small room above the shop, which accommodated a group of four people. During the sessions we were taught how to use the chemical safely such as using the right measurements, how to colour the Resin using (an optional choice) of embossing powder, eye shadows or glitter and creating the charms for Jewellery purposes.
The artforms that was used during the workshops was Jewellery Making. I chose to attend this event on the basis of learning something new in Jewellery Making and as a part of my research for my Art challenge.
I particularly liked pouring the resin and placing the charms into the silicon moulds. I also really enjoyed seeing how the end product came out! 
There wasn’t really any stage of the workshops I didn’t enjoy because since this was a new form of Jewellery Making, I felt it not only challenged me but also allowe…

Paradise - Review By Evie Wakefield

Written by Nick Wood Directed by Allie Spencer and Amanda Hall.                                                      Performed by The Playhouse Ensemble. Paradise was originally commissioned by the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield to be a companion piece to their production of Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’.  I saw this play on the 20th June at the Neville Studio, Nottingham Playhouse. The play is about the members of a small community who find themselves in the middle of a civil war. Many friendships are tested and new ones develop despite the pressure of the conflict and the villagers’ battle to preserve their humanity.
The play features a range of actors of different ages, from adolescents to senior citizens. I felt this benefitted the production because it reflected the actual community instead of using actors of the same age to play all the characters e.g a middle aged woman playing a teenager wouldn’t work as well as a young woman playing the same part.
The performance begins with the ca…

Heritage - Review By Evie Wakefield

Written by Dafydd James – Award-winning writer, composer and performer, working in both English and Welsh. Performed by Stopsley High School I saw this play on the 31st March 2014 (Royal & Derngate Theatre, Northampton), as a part of the ‘National Theatre Connections 2014’ programme.
The play is set on May Day and a group of young people have been specially chosen to close the day’s festivities; but as they gather together in uniform to rehearse the village anthem, all is not well.
The performance begins with a young woman, who believes is related to Anne Frank, singing a quite difficult operatic piece. Other characters are introduced gradually: ·Tubbsy, who’s hiding a dead cat in his bag·Deirdre-May, grieving for her late Nanna·Mark, dressed in a dinosaur onesie·An American girl who changes her name.·Creepy twins who sit on pedestals with loudhailers and notebooks.·And a lot of ensemble.
The rehearsal never happens as there are always distractions. Eventually they begin to suspect that…

A Shop Selling Speech - Review By Evie Wakefield

Written by Sabrina Mahfouz – British-Egyptian poet and playwright; she is the current recipient of a 2013 Sky Arts Futures Fund Award for her poetry work. Directed by Carrie Bird.                                                                                         Performed by Flying High Theatre Company. I saw this on the 9th March (Bonnington Theatre, Arnold) as a part of ‘National Theatre Connections 2014’ programme. The play is set in a newly opened shop in Cairo, Egypt which is currently under armed robbery.
To begin with it isn’t obvious what the armed robbers are trying to steal. However, as the play progresses and explores the themes of freedom, power, gender, greed and revolution, it becomes clear that they are trying to steal Speech as they believe it should be free. The performance begins with the robbery already in progress with tumbled boxes, three agitated robbers, four scared and one arrogant shop staff members.
During the play, the audience learns more about each chara…

The Wardrobe - Review By Evie Wakefield

Written by Sam Holcroft – Current Writer-In-Residence at the National Theatre Studio; Pearson Playwright in Residence at the Traverse Theatre (2009-10)and winner of the Tom Erhardt Award for Up-and-coming writer (2009). Directed by Nikki Disney. I saw this play on the 8th March at Lakeside Arts Centre as part of the ‘National Theatre Connections 2014’ programme. The play begins in an old museum where a 15th century wardrobe is on display. The wardrobe contains the memories and secrets from periods of history including: ·The War of the Roses ·The Civil War ·The Plague ·Victorian child labour ·The Start of WWI The young people in the play use the wardrobe to hide “…from the barrage of reality outside” while it provides a living history style experience for the audience, featuring characters such as: ·Henry VIII’s mother and aunt·A tutor teaching a young boy Latin and discovering the joys of bananas·Servant girls who want to become actresses but who fall victim to plague·A Victorian chimney swe…

Angels - Review by Evie Wakefield

Written by Pauline McLynn. Directed by Loreto Murray. I saw this play five times, twice on the 24th January (Trent Vine Yard Youth Centre), once on the 8th March (Lakeside Arts Centre) & 9th March (Bonnington Theatre, Arnold) and 1st April (Royal & Derngate Theatre, Northampton), because my sister is a member of the Junk Shop Theatre Company who are taking part in the ‘National Theatre Connections 2014’ programme which involves a mini tour around the East Midlands.
Because I have seen the play several times, I have also seen how it has evolved, and I found this interesting, as I normally only see plays once.
The theatre company has ‘dual cast’ some of the main parts and split the company into two groups, these are known as the ‘Shoppers’ and ‘Junkies’. I feel this is slightly misleading as in reality the ‘Junkies’ are understudying the ‘Shoppers’, because the shows are split unfairly in a 4:2 ratio over 6 shows rather than a 50/50 split.
The play itself centres on a group of young…

Charlie Peace: His Amazing Life & Astounding Legend - Review by Evie Wakefield

On the 7th October 2013, I attended a theatrical performance of the play ‘Charlie Peace: His Amazing Life & Astounding Legend’ at Nottingham Playhouse, directed by Giles Croft.
The performance began as if it were set at Goose Fair, with a stage on the main stage. The showman (Norman Pace) set the scene and introduced the character of Charlie Peace (Peter Duncan), a Victorian villain/thief originally from Sheffield who frequently changed his name and appearance to disguise himself from the police. The tone of the play was humorous. I felt the main characters engaged with the audience a lot – breaking the fourth wall.
The artforms involved were, drama, comedy, music (traditional folk songs, played by five musicians who also acted in the play) and graphic designs which were projected on to the set to change locations.
I decided to go to this event because I am very interested in historical style plays and musicals. This play was advertised as a musical melodrama set in the 1800s and par…

Review Spectacular!

The following six reviews have been written by my sister, Evie for her Gold Arts Award. She hopes you enjoy reading them & if you fancy leaving a comment or sharing the reviews, please do.


A Follow From... 'We Are The In Crowd'

So woke up to an interesting follow on my twitter from a band called 'We Are The In Crowd', honestly I had no idea who they were. So I put a message up on Facebook to ask if anybody if they'd heard of them. Turns out there quite well known.

They've only been in Kerrang Magazine (also other magazines) and are currently doing a UK Tour.

I was told to YouTube them, so I did, turns out their freaking awesome!

So thank you 'We Are The In Crowd' for the follow!  You've made a new fan very happy!

Below I've left you guys a song by them called 'The Best Thing (That Never Happened)' enjoy!

Handmade Update #2 - August

My, what a busy summer that was! So busy, I seem to have lacked in showing you guys what I've made but never fear, the Handmade Update is here! After recently taking up meditating (it' amazing for stress!) And I thought could I take my Jewellery Making to a new high? 

I made the 8" necklace to go with some of my clothes which are boardline retro/hippie/tomboy and that would also look 'student~y' for College/Uni.                              I make Jewellery to show wearable art is just as important as a painting on a wall. People say Jewellery is for girls, no it's unisex.                                                                                    If you met me, you should understand I hate anything with diamond, It's tacky.                                                                                            The Crystal is a Purple Agate. It's common but very beautiful I'm sure you'll agree. The necklace also has a gold leaf charm…

Shopping Haul #2 - Aug

I reliase I've lacked in 'Shopping Haul's' recently but I've been concentrating on quailfications, career paths and much more. So without futher ado (of this extremely short post!) More shopping hauls will done, I promise. 
My first buy is 'Company' magazine, I love it for it's samples, great articles, fashion tips & the articles.                                                                                        The September Issue of 'Company' magazine (which costs £2.60) features an interview with 17 year old actress, Chloe Grace Moretz. She talks about her fashion style, the recent movie UK release of 'If I Stay' which is also the first film she'll get to watch at the premier.                                                                                                                                                The article of 'BLOGGERS STYLE THE HIGH STREET' is a great read, it features a 16 year old student …